Published: Mon, September 10, 2018
Science | By Michele Flores

International Space Station leak could have been deliberate, Russian Federation says

International Space Station leak could have been deliberate, Russian Federation says

The International Space Station is leaking, and Russian Federation knows what happened.

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A special commission from the Russian State Space Corporation Roscosmos found the hole was made from the inside, and not the outside - ruling out any impacts from space debris.

Space station astronauts patched a small hole in the upper orbital module of the Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft (left) on August 30, 2018.

The ISS contained six ISS crew members: three Americans, two Russians and one German. "We don't reject any theories", the Russian space agency ominously added. The space agency chief thought it wasn't entirely natural; he said that it was deliberately created by a saboteur, NBC News reports.

"Most probably, a worker drilled a wrong hole and then patched it up and then either avoided telling anyone or those he had informed preferred to keep quiet".

Alexander Zheleznyakov, a former space industry engineer and author, told the TASS state news agency that drilling the hole in zero gravity would be almost impossible in that part of the spacecraft.

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A spokeswoman for the famous space agency NASA, also said it would not comment on the hole's origin in fear of intruding on the Russian investigation. The hole is in a section of the Soyuz ship that is discarded in orbit and not used to carry people back to Earth.

"One of the possibilities is the spacecraft might have been damaged in the final assembly hangar".

Rogozin ruled out speculation that the hole was made by impact with a small meteorite.

Rogozin questioned whether the hole had been a "production defect or some premeditated actions". The astronauts traced the issue to a 2-millimeter (0.8 inches) hole in the upper "orbital module" of the crew-carrying Soyuz, which arrived at the station in June.

The hole, about two millimetres in diameter, caused a drop in air pressure at the station and was temporarily repaired using tape and sealant by two crew members.

Maxim Surayev, a former Russian cosmonaut, said that it could've been a deliberate sabotage by an Earth-sick astronaut. And, in the vacuum of space that patch disappeared and caused a problem.

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