Published: Tue, September 11, 2018
Money | By Ralph Mccoy

Trump and Apple now at war

Trump and Apple now at war

Meanwhile, Apple warned in a letter sent earlier this month to the US trade representative that a potential new round of tariffs would "increase the cost of Apple products that our customers have come to rely on in their daily lives".

Kristin Dziczek of the Center of Automotive Research says there's simply no motivation for Ford to build the Focus Active in the U.S now.

Ford in April made the shock announcement that by 2020 the only passenger cars in its lineup will be the Mustang and the Focus Active soft-roader based on the recently redesigned fourth-generation Focus.

Auto industry analyst Ed Kim told the Guardian that Trump's tariffs have, effectively, ruined Ford's plan for the Focus.

Ford has already announced it will eventually stop selling all passenger cars in the USA except the Mustang, in favor of meeting Americans' appetite for large - and profitable - trucks and SUVs. The consumer market in U.S. prefers smaller efficient vehicles like the SUVs.

And, according to BOA Merrill Lynch analyst Wamsi Mohan, Apple may just give in to the president's request by asking its partners to bring some iPhone assembly operations into the USA, which will lead to higher prices. While Ford might choose not to build the Focus in China, it does have a multiple number of plants in other countries it can choose to build the small hatchback in.

If sales were high enough to justify production at a US plant, the price of a compact vehicle isn't high enough to cover the difference in wages here, she said.

Apple's iPhone XS Event: Here's How To Watch And What To Expect
Of course, there's always the possibly of a shocking "One more thing", but true shocks are no longer easy for Apple to pull off. Previously, Apple used the "C" suffix to bring out the iPhone 5C as a low-priced model alongside the iPhone 5S .

Minnesota Vikings defeat 49ers 24-16 in season opener
DEFENSE DIGS IN: The 49ers gave Garoppolo an opportunity with three straight three-and-out possessions by the Vikings in the fourth quarter.

European Union warns against military offensive in Syria
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday urged his counterparts to accept a cease-fire and avert a "bloodbath" in Idlib. The problem is if they try to flee to Turkey they will find a closed border and risk being shot if they try to cross illegally.

"You know, their statement was very clear", Dziczek said.

Meanwhile, General Motors is seeking an exemption from the same tariffs on vehicles that hit Ford, suggesting that it will have to pull the China-made Envision SUV off the market if the exemption is not granted.

The notion that a USA manufacturer's decision not to sell one of its products in the United States is a victory for Trump's "America First" trade agenda has bewildered observers, including a number of former U.S. trade officials.

"Ford is one of the companies that has the highest US content and the most USA autoworkers of any company", said Kristin Dziczek, vice president of the Industry, Labor & Economics Group at the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor.

For the Focus Active, the tariffs on Chinese vehicles changed everything.

Trump, speaking on Friday aboard Air Force One, said the administration had tariffs planned for an additional $267 billion worth of Chinese goods.

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