Published: Thu, September 13, 2018
Sports | By Johanna Francis

36% Less Likely to Buy Nike Products After Kaepernick Hire

36% Less Likely to Buy Nike Products After Kaepernick Hire

The drop after the ad news shaved more than $4 billion off of the company's market value. The source of their ire is Kaepernick's leading of anthem protests.

The Oregon-based sportswear and apparel company introduced Kaepernick as one of the faces of Nike's 30th anniversary of the "Just Do It" campaign in a commercial featuring the words, "Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything". He then cuts both accessories up with scissors before tossing the fabric on the ground and telling the congregation, "I ain't using that no more". The women's soccer team had been wearing Nike gear in games in August, but appear to have switched to Adidas.

Emir Caner, said the school will no longer purchase or carry apparel from Nike because the former NFL quarterback "mocks our troops" by kneeling during the National Anthem.

A STATEMENT FROM OUR PRESIDENT REGARDING NIKE America has sacrificially given my family the freedoms we enjoy today. Writing on the university's website, Caner noted that his wife grew up "under the oppression of socialistic communism", and only became a citizen in 2013.

Majority of American voters oppose impeaching Trump
The NPR/Marist poll surveyed 949 adults between September 5-9 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.6 percentage points. Overall, only 18 percent of voters approve of the job Congress is doing.

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It also said the phone maker planned to release a new version of the Apple Watch , with a larger display and reduced edges. The Apple Watch isn't an iPhone-like revenue generator, but is part of the company's growing Other Products segment.

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Apple introduced solid-state buttons to the Apple Watch platform, which were applied to the Digital Crown and the Side button. However, they are customizable allowing users to precisely display what information they would like to have on the screen.

As for why, he stated, "Colin Kaepernick has just inked a contract with Nike".

Truett McConnell University (TMU) in Cleveland announced Friday that it will stop carrying Nike products in its campus store, and donate the proceeds from any remaining products to Wounded Warriors, a veterans charity, and the Fraternal Order of Police. The College of the Ozarks swapped out their Swoosh and Liberty University is reconsidering its relationship per Jerry Falwell Jr.

"We're exploring the situation". While nearly nobody had a negative view of Nike prior to the Kaepernick campaign according to ESPN, 17 percent of respondents in the latest poll now view Nike negatively. "And when my father, who is 81, can look at me and tell me that he's not offended by it because he understands, then how could I, who didn't do that service, be offended?"

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