Published: Thu, September 13, 2018
Science | By Michele Flores

Hurricane Florence has weakened but it will still be devastating

Hurricane Florence has weakened but it will still be devastating

The threat has sparked a rush of evacuation efforts in SC and North Carolina, with more than a million people urged to get out of Florence's way.

The video was recently captured by scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) aboard a specialized four-engine aircraft.

Should Washington DC be hit by Hurricane Florence, it will be only remnants of the storm.

The new trajectory means the storm will idle at sea for longer, creating even heavier and prolonged rains and storm surges for the Carolinas and possibly northern parts of Georgia.

This satellite image of Florence hurtling towards the east coast on Wednesday gives a sense of its massive scale.

Florence is moving over the southwestern Atlantic Ocean between Bermuda and the Bahamas today, and is expected to approach the coast of North Carolina or SC in the hurricane warning area on Friday.

A graphic of Hurricane Florence's path, generated today (Sept. 12) at 2 p.m. ET by the National Hurricane Center, shows an approximate representation of coastal areas under a hurricane warning (red), hurricane watch (pink), tropical storm warning (blue) and tropical storm watch (yellow).

Many nursing-home and elder-care institutions throughout the Carolinas closed and evacuated their residents in advance of Florence, anxious about a repeat of last year's deaths of elderly residents after Hurricane Irma struck Florida.

Scientists have filmed an astonishing video of the interior of Hurricane Florence, as the storm bears down on North and SC. Rather than pushing up toward western Virginia, the storm's center is now predicted to move across the middle of SC.

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SC authorities have turned four motorways into one-way routes away from the coast to speed the exodus. Its maximum sustained winds have dropped slightly to 110 miles per hour.

"We hope to have something left when we get home", she said.

"I just hope that people will not decide to write off the storm, and that's the most important thing to save peoples's lives".

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal declared a state of emergency "in light of the storm's forecasted southward track after making landfall".

Duke Energy Corp expected between 25 percent and 75 percent of its 4 million customers would lose power in the Carolinas.

00 hour, the Red Cross released a statement that about 1,600 people spent last night in shelters in North and SC.

Rainfall totals from Hurricane Florence will top 20 inches in some areas, the National Weather Service says.

There will be hurricane-force winds up to 80 miles from the centre of the storm, meteorologists say.

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