Published: Fri, September 14, 2018
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FEMA issues dire warnings ahead of strongest hurricane 'in decades'

FEMA issues dire warnings ahead of strongest hurricane 'in decades'

The Homeland Security Department is pushing back against a Democratic U.S. senator's claim that the Trump administration transferred almost $10 million from the government's disaster relief agency to immigration enforcement.

Money was also taken from other agencies, such as Transportation Security Administration and the U.S. Coast Guard, and given to ICE as part of a $201.88 million shift in money to pay for immigration detention facilities.

A top FEMA official attempted Wednesday to warn people in the path of Hurricane Florence but instead had to shoot down reporters' questions about whether the Trump administration wasted disaster funds on its illegal immigration agenda.

Any way you cut it though, the $9.8 million slash in FEMA's budget amounts to slightly less than 1% of the agency's previous $1.03 billion spending budget, meaning that it probably won't have much impact, if any, on future hurricane relief. In Puerto Rico, where the estimated death toll from Hurricane Maria has ranged as high as 5,000, the Government Accountability Office said the agency's poor response was compounded by a failure to deploy enough qualified staff.

The senator claims the money will support immigration detention programs.

The transfer was approved by the Republican chairs of the House and Senate Homeland Security appropriations subcommittees, but not by the rest of the subcommittees' members.

Merkley, a Democrat from OR, said on MSNBC's "Rachel Maddow Show" that the administration is taking money from "response and recovery" and "working hard to find funds for additional detention camps".

"Under no circumstances was any disaster relief funding transferred from @fema to immigration enforcement efforts".

Hurricane Florence: Carolinas brace for 'storm of lifetime'
The SCDOT map shows congestion starting one mile north of the Georgia border and continuing to the Mile 34 marker in SC . Screaming winds bent trees and raindrops flew sideways as Florence's leading edge battered the Carolina coast Thursday.

Hurricane Florence weakens to Category 2 as storm takes aim at Southeast
Benson has lived in North Carolina for more than a decade and now is headed away from the hurricane's destructive path. On Tuesday, the so-called spaghetti models that show various potential paths for a storm had more variability.

IPhone Xs Max: 5 Reasons Why to Go to the Max
The latest wearable also touts a built-in (and FDA-approved) EKG sensor to help diagnose heart diseases and other conditions. The Apple Watch Series 4 was shown on stage and appears to deliver a number of worthwhile updates to the wearable gadget.

Brock Long, the agency's administrator, is the target of an ongoing Department of Homeland Security investigation into whether he misused government vehicles on weekend trips home to Hickory, North Carolina, from Washington, Politico reported Thursday.

Houlton said in a statement that Homeland Security is "fully focused on preparing for, responding to, and recovering from Hurricane Florence and the storms in the Pacific".

The revelation, just ahead of Hurricane Florence's expected landfall in North and SC, was found by Sen.

Merkley has been a leading critic of the Trump administration's immigration policies, including the "zero tolerance" policy at the border that resulted in almost 3,000 children separated from their families.

DHS is required to notify the House and Senate Appropriations Committees of reprogramming of funds in excess of $5 million, according to a 2009 appropriations measure.

"So I would dispute the statement that this has no bearing on addressing the challenges from hurricanes", Merkley said.

"These are real shenanigans that need to be reined in, not just from a good governance standpoint but also from the standpoint that these are other accounts that need the money", Small said.

"As an overall, the meeting was long on excuses and on misrepresentations and short on information and solutions. one thing we do know, they are taking 1% of every DHS department and putting that towards family detention and family separation", Gallego said.

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