Published: Sun, September 16, 2018
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BMW’s Self-Riding Motorcycle Will Mess With Your Mind

BMW’s Self-Riding Motorcycle Will Mess With Your Mind

However, because of the C1's partially closed cockpit, watching it ride around the track without someone in the saddle wasn't as unsettling as watching BMW's latest contribution to the self-driving realm go.

The systems that allow the 1200 to do this have been designed by a team led by graduate engineer Stefan Hans.

"The prototype helps us to expand our knowledge about the vehicle's dynamics so that we can classify the rider's behavior and determine if a future situation will become unsafe or not", Stefan Hans, a Motorrad safety engineer, says in the video. Instead, as with the original concept, the ambition is to make cycling "more comfortable and increase the riding pleasure". Contrary to what you think, the system still wants the rider to be in control of the bike, while the safety system will merely act parallel to it.

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BMW says some of the safety tech developed through the programme may soon become available on future production motorcycles. Watch the testing for yourself in the video above, and know it's not a ghost aboard the bike; it's simply self-riding technology. The autonomous tech isn't all that BMW Motorrad has to show off, it's also showing off new headlight designs, cornering lights, and laser headlights for bikes. The advantage of 3D printing lies in the complete freedom of designing components that could not be produced in any other way.

Future BMW motorcycles will be safer than ever before. BMW Motorrad is taking two-wheeler needs into consideration for tomorrow's world of transport and preparing for it technically. Here, too, BMW Motorrad benefits from close cooperation with BMW Automobiles.

Given motorbike riders are far more likely to be injured or killed in road accidents, improving their safety is something BMW has long prioritised.

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