Published: Sun, September 16, 2018
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Needles in strawberries: Who police suspect

Needles in strawberries: Who police suspect

Queensland man Hoani Hearne wound up in hospital after swallowing part of a needle and developing severe abdominal pain on Sunday.

However, the Donnybrook farm strawberries are sold broadly across the country, in both Coles and Woolworths.

Queensland's Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young says anyone else who had bought the brands of strawberries without signs of tampering should return them to the store or throw them away.

Police have been unable to confirm whether the contaminated products are linked to the original contamination in Queensland or a copycat, however they are urging anyone who has purchased contaminated products to take the punnet to their local police station immediately for forensic testing.

"That is a comment by the Queensland Strawberry Growers and we will talk with them to see if they have any information to assist us", Queensland Acting Chief Superintendent Terry Lawrence has told the Nine Network.

An investigation is also underway after an employee at a Coles supermarket in Gatton discovered a small metal rod laying across the top of some strawberries inside a plastic punnet on Thursday.

"It wasn't five minutes later they rang back and said it was too late, he'd actually bitten into it".

Jennifer Rowling of the Queensland Strawberry Growers' Association said she believed the strawberries had been "interfered with".

It's feared six separate brands of brands of strawberries have been contaminated with needles.

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"Yesterday, I said anyone that had bought those products since the start of last week needed to dispose of them", Dr Jeanette Young said on Thursday.

'Any strawberries that you are certain are not the brands Berry Licious and Berry Obsession, are safe, ' she confirmed.

Authorities say there are other reported cases of sabotaged strawberries that are yet to be confirmed, and South Australian consumers have also been warned to discard Donnybrook-branded strawberries.

PEOPLE across Queensland are being urged to cut up their strawberries before eating them as investigations continue into how needles came to be inserted into strawberries sold across multiple states. "We're keeping a very open mind as to where this may have occurred".

"There is no reason to stop eating strawberries, we just need to be aware of this incident".

"We want everybody to check their strawberries before consuming them ... just cut them up, have a look", Supt Lawrence said.

"He obviously bit into it, felt it, pulled it out and told the teacher "there was a needle in my fruit" and everyone was sort of gobsmacked as to why?"

Can I still buy and eat strawberries?

Det. Supt. Lawrence said officers were now identifying past and present employees of the two farms concerned, which involves more than 100 people, with plans to interview them. "It makes it hard because you might need to dispose of them earlier, but just cut them up for safety's sake".

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