Published: Thu, September 20, 2018
Worldwide | By Jermaine Blake

Kim wants second summit with Trump, South Korea President says

Kim wants second summit with Trump, South Korea President says

Representatives of the White House and the US State Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Trump tweeted late Tuesday: 'Kim Jong Un has agreed to allow Nuclear inspections, subject to final negotiations, and to permanently dismantle a test site and launch pad in the presence of worldwide experts. Kim's offer, however, could provide a way to jump start talks, analysts say.

Standing side by side with Kim in Pyongyang, Moon expressed hope on Wednesday that talks would resume between North Korea and the US. Pompeo welcomed that as a step agreed to by Trump and Kim in Singapore, and said it would be done in the presence of USA and worldwide inspectors.

Washington and Pyongyang have subsequently sparred over what that means and how it will be achieved, with the Trump administration consistently referring to the denuclearisation of North Korea specifically.

It was the first time a South Korean head of state ever addressed North Korean citizens directly.

As Moon arrived at an airport near the mountain, some 1000 North Koreans greeted him, waving flowers and chanting "Motherland!" They also agreed to withdraw 11 guard posts from the Demilitarized Zone by December and to establish a no-fly zone above the military demarcation line that bisects the two Koreas that will apply to planes, helicopters and drones.

The leaders of North and South Korea have wrapped up their third summit this year with a vow to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula.

Moon plans to return to South Korea later Thursday, as the leaders bask in the glow of the joint statement they settled Wednesday.

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday invited North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho for talks in NY next week, during the annual gathering of world leaders at the United Nations.

Moon's parents fled the North during the 1950-53 Korean War, shortly before Moon was born in South Korea in 1953.

North Korea announced it would disassemble the complex if the United States takes "corresponding measures" under a comprehensive agreement reached by the leaders of the two rival Koreas.

Moon said Trump and Kim had both made pledges at their June summit in Singapore: North Korea promised to take steps toward complete denuclearization and returning the remains of US servicemen killed in the war, while the United States pledged to "end hostilities, guarantee the security of the regime, and establish a new relationship with North Korea", he said.

Moon, who set up the Singapore summit and is eager for another to happen, also told reporters that he'll convey to Trump his and Kim's desire to get a declaration on ending the Korean War by the end of this year.

Speaking before Pompeo's announcement, two senior US officials involved in US-North Korea policy voiced fears Kim was trying to drive a wedge between Washington and Seoul.

Moon also spoke directly to the North Korean public, describing a peaceful future to an audience of some 150,000 people.

"I propose we move forward toward the big picture of peace in which the past 70-year-long hostility can be eradicated and we can become one again", he said, prompting rapturous applause.

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