Published: Fri, September 21, 2018
Technology | By Lionel Gonzales

Google bringing Family Link to teens, in Australia too

Google bringing Family Link to teens, in Australia too

Beginning today, September 18, Android phone owners are able to set restrictions on their teens' devices, either by setting time limits, locking their phones remotely, or subjecting app downloads to parental approval, The Verge reports.

Last year, Google launched a new app called Family Link for Parents.

Google has launched new tools on its free Family Link app created to set "digital ground rules" for teenagers. Teens are able to turn off the Family Link supervision when they want to, but a notification is sent to the parent that it has been turned off but Google want each family to have the discussion about what suits them best.

A new Android app from Google just hit the Google Play Store: Google Hire, which is associated with Google's Hire feature within the G Suite. The listing talks about the service and is developed by Google LLC.

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However, the Google Assistant integration will only be available in the U.S. first. Today, Google has announced it will roll Family Link out to "nearly every country in the world" over the coming days.

Search giant Google is pulling the plug on its Inbox app. The feature allowed parents to set up an account for a child under 13, giving parents control over how their kids can use the phone.

This Google Assistant update will also add family-friendly content, as the Assistant can recognize up to six different voices, it will differentiate between a child and adult asking a question and reply with the appropriate response.

Because parents around the globe need a simple, intuitive way to keep tabs on their children's digital lives and experiences, Family Link is expanding further "over the coming days", reaching "more families, on more devices, and in almost every country in the world". "The need for supervision doesn't end with mobile devices".

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