Published: Fri, September 28, 2018
Medical | By Vicki Mclaughlin

Weight Watchers sized up after rebranding

Weight Watchers sized up after rebranding

Global weight loss giant Weight Watchers is changing its name to WW as it moves toward promoting healthy living in general, the company announced Monday. "And the motive the industry has been performing, is that this belief of going from weight to wellness is extra sustainable to other folks on anecdote of we're giving them extra than correct a non everlasting acknowledge".

But does it really matter that the company is switching its focus, at least within its promotional materials, from the scale to overall wellness? However, WW will still be committed to weight loss management, but also plans to attract members who just want to live healthier. At the time, Weight Watchers was heavily in debt, and suffering through subscriber losses amid the rise of fitness apps.

In an analyst report this month, Weiser wrote that WW "will enter 2019 with a solidly growing subscriber base and a new loyalty program that should be a positive for membership growth in diet season 2019". The company is rebranding with an approach to overall health and wellness.

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To attract new customers, WW plans in January to begin offering edible products that have no artificial sugars, dyes, flavors or preservatives. Members can also expect to see a new look and logo in December, which is when WW will be rolling out an ad campaign. The WW app will be updated on 4 October to reflect the new brand identity. The new tagline for WW is "Wellness that Works".

"Weight Watchers is evolving!" read the caption on Winfrey's video, which shows her enjoying what she calls the "perfect breakfast" of eggs, mushrooms and toast with jam.

Weight Watchers spokesperson and investor - er, sorry, "WW" spokesperson and investor - Oprah Winfrey released a brief Instagram video on Monday in which she approves of the new name.

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