Published: Fri, October 05, 2018
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Drunk Birds Are Creating Chaos in Gilbert, Minnesota

Drunk Birds Are Creating Chaos in Gilbert, Minnesota

A USA town has warned its residents not to be too concerned about drunk-looking birds stumbling around town. If they can't fly properly or keep their balance, intoxicated birds are at risk of crashing into hard surfaces.

Gilbert Police Chief Ty Techar wrote on Facebook that he received about a dozen calls about "birds that appear to be under the influence, flying into windows, cars and acting confused".

Matthew Dodder, a self-described "bird guy" in Palo Alto, California, told The Washington Post that since there's no such thing as a birdie breathalyzer, you have to look at their in-flight behavior to the level of avian intoxication.

Fermented berries can have the same impact on birds as alcohol does on humans.

Police in Gilbert, Minnesota issued a statement to address a growing problem in the small city.

An influx of birds, drunk off of berries that fermented earlier than usual, have been seen flying into cars and windows CBS Minnesota reports.

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Younger birds can not handle the toxins as well as older birds, local police chief Ty Techar said in a statement.

"They just get sloppy and clumsy", Dodder said.

As Dodder told The Post, "Sometimes, they just need a bit of time in a quiet setting to recover".

Techar said the birds would sober up themselves, and that there was no need for locals to call police if they found one.

The "public notice" even goes the extra mile by adding a humorous list of sightings that the public should be on the lookout for, including "Woodstock pushing Snoopy off the doghouse for no apparent reason", and "Any birds after midnight with Taco Bell items".

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