Published: Wed, October 10, 2018
Worldwide | By Jermaine Blake

Climate change: Why 1.5 is the new magic number

Climate change: Why 1.5 is the new magic number

Half a degree doesn't sound like much, but the difference between an average temperature rise of 1.5 degrees celsius and 2 degrees celsius is a dead Great Barrier Reef.

Trump, who has previously called climate change a "hoax" and questioned whether global warming was occurring because it snowed last winter, said nothing publicly about the report.

"The reality is to meet these goals you need a huge amount of effort and money", she said.

Where Has The Warning Come From?

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) just released a special report on the predicted impacts of global warming of 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels.

Is It A Big Deal?

At the Paris Agreement in 2015‚ 2 degrees was set as the ceiling we should aim to stay under‚ but that has now shifted to 1.5 degrees.

"We are already seeing the consequences of 1C of global warming through more extreme weather, rising sea levels, and diminishing Arctic sea ice, among other changes", Professor Panmao Zhai, a co-chair of the IPCC, said.

That could reduce flooding and give the people that inhabit the world's coasts, islands and river deltas time to adapt to climate change.

"The next few years are probably the most important in our history", warned Debra Roberts, Co-Chair of IPCC Working Group II.

How Can Cuts Be Achieved?

Carbon emissions must fall by 45pc by 2030, reaching "net zero" by 2050.

"Most current and potential [carbon dioxide removal] measures could have significant impacts on land, energy, water, or nutrients if deployed at large scale", the report said.

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Emissions cuts in transport, buildings, industry, power generation and dietary habits such as eating meat will need to take place in a bid to speed up temperature limits.

Former Vice President Al Gore Jr. warned that "time is running out" after the release of a United Nations special report Sunday giving the world 12 years to head off climate calamity by radically transforming "all aspects of society".

The pledges nations made in the Paris agreement in 2015 are "clearly insufficient to limit warming to 1.5 in any way", one of the study's lead authors, Joerj Roeglj of the Imperial College in London, said.

Increasing evidence suggests that a climate-sensitive realignment of savings and expenditure towards low-emission, climate-resilient infrastructure and services requires an evolution of global and national financial systems.

Warming of 2C above pre-industrial levels had widely been thought of as the threshold beyond which unsafe climate change will occur, but vulnerable countries such as low-lying island states warn rises above 1.5C will threaten their survival.

At 1.5 degrees, the report finds that 70 to 90 percent of tropical coral reefs will vanish. Coastal cities like Miami or NY will have to adapt or abandon part or all of their territory. By 2100, we're on track to see more than 3 C above pre-industrial levels.

What Has Been The Reaction So Far?

Experts have said "unprecedented" should take place and said the report should urge governments to invest in clean growth and renewable energy.

To have a chance of meeting the 1.5 degrees goal, climate-changing emissions would have to plunge 45 percent by 2030 compared to 2010 levels, the report said.

"We need to extend this kind of progress on renewables to other areas".

Professor Corinne Le Quere, from the University of East Anglia, said: "For the United Kingdom, this means a rapid switch to renewable energy and electric cars, insulating our homes, planting trees, where possible walking or cycling and eating well - more plants and less meat - and developing an industry to capture carbon and store it underground".

Limiting the temperature rise to 1.5 °C could also protect several hundred million people, including those living in some of the least developed countries, from slipping into poverty and disadvantage by 2050 due to climate-related risks, as would be the case under the 2°C scenario.

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