Published: Thu, October 11, 2018
Technology | By Lionel Gonzales

Nintendo Switch Online Adds an Easy Version of Zelda

Nintendo Switch Online Adds an Easy Version of Zelda

Nintendo has released the three latest NES games announced for October for the Nintendo Switch Online NES library, being Solomon's Key, Super Dodge Ball, and NES Open Tournament Golf, but it also came with an unannounced fourth addition - The Legend of Zelda - Living the life of luxury!. The original Legend Of Zelda isn't "hard" in the same way that titles like Mega Man and Castlevania are, but it can be a somewhat confusing and challenging game that some might easily give up on.

This isn't just any ol' version of The Legend of Zelda, though.

Available now, Nintendo has updated the version of The Legend of Zelda with an optional set of special game save data that anyone can access, which starts you off as Link with almost all of his special weapons and items already unlocked along with loads of rupees (the game's currency) with which to buy even more goodies from in-game vendors.

The IMF again downgrades outlook for the global economy
The IMF said that global growth rates have hit a plateau at 3.7%, and would continue to remain at this level in 2019-'20. The Trump administration has penalized almost half of all imports from China and has threatened more for the other half.

Minnesota grapples with outbreak of acute flaccid myelitis
Ehresman says it's unknown what causes A-F-M but people should observe good hygiene and be sure vaccinations are up-to-date. State medical officials released a statement on the outbreak last week so that doctors can be on the lookout for more cases.

Fortnite’s Quad Launcher teased for battle royale through today’s in-game message
It can be "fired normally for a narrow half-tile wide pulse, or changed for a one-tile wide or 1.5-tile wide blast". Furthermore, the Noble Launcher-the heavy launcher that fires waves of piercing energy-back to Save the World .

The game now lets players who are new or returning for the first time in a while, to play the game, with some serious advantages. It is essentially Zelda on steroids. Especially because Game Genie isn't a thing any more.

It seems a bit like it defeats the objective of the game, and in a way it does. It's not clear whether this second quest also grants you the additional starting equipment.

Today's additions bring the NES library up to 24 games. We can already see progression-focused games, like Super Mario Bros. With these resources you can pretty much go anywhere and do anything from the very start of the game, which is an interesting approach to opening up a potentially grueling older game to newer players. Plans include $4/month, $8/3-months, and $20/year.

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