Published: Fri, October 12, 2018
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Donald Trump says GOP losing the House is a 'possibility'

Donald Trump says GOP losing the House is a 'possibility'

Chris Kang, chief counsel for one such group, Demand Justice, accused Democrats of "weakness" in allowing so many nominations to advance and called Thursday's deal "totally unnecessary" and "a bitter pill to swallow so soon after the Kavanaugh fight".

Progressives, however, say that Democrats are only giving Trump and McConnell more time to appoint even more lifetime nominees, including a replacement for Kavanaugh on the powerful D.C. Circuit. The nation's reckoning with power and who to believe about sexual misconduct has generated a new anger factor among the electorate and made the November 6 balloting a referendum on more than US President Donald Trump. The majority of Democrats align themselves with the pro-choice movement - a woman's right to govern her own body - while most Republicans see themselves as pro-life - that life starts at conception.

With Kavanaugh's ascension to the high court, Republicans, long dispirited by Trump's string of scandals and the prospect of losing their congressional majorities, are whooping it up.

"Mitch is going to do what Mitch is going to do", he said.

Senators, looking toward November's elections after a bruising Supreme Court fight, reached an agreement Thursday to leave the Capitol for the campaign trail.

What's unclear is whether GOP unity is enough to preserve the GOP power in Congress.

Boarding the Marine One helicopter at the White House, he branded the sexual assault allegations that threatened to derail Kavanaugh's path to the top court "a hoax" and "all made up, fabricated". Then an extra Federal Bureau of Investigation probe - which media reports say was drastically curtailed by the White House - also found nothing new and Kavanaugh was finally voted in. That's the state Trump won by 36 percentage points against Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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As he walked on the Senate floor before the deal was announced, Democratic Sen. And even before the Kavanaugh controversy, the Senate race there was among a handful of close contests that could decide whether Republicans keep control of the Senate, where they have a 51-49 majority.

But how important is the Kavanaugh vote in that? The Senate Judiciary Committee is poised to forward nine nominations to the full Senate for final confirmation on Thursday, and a confirmation hearing for lower court nominees is scheduled for October 17. "Without hesitation", Heitkamp told reporters, she believed Ford.

Asked about Heitkamp missing votes to campaign, her spokeswoman Abigail McDonough took a shot at the House, where her GOP opponent, Rep. Kevin Cramer, serves.

"On numerous Senate races, races that we didn't think we had a chance, we're going to at least do very well and in many cases I think we're going to win", Trump predicted.

Democrats, Trump said, "tortured him (Kavanaugh) and his family".

Trump is expected to spread that message over multiple campaign rallies, including this week in Iowa, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky.

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