Published: Sat, October 13, 2018
Money | By Ralph Mccoy

Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot shows off upgraded agility skills in new video

Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot shows off upgraded agility skills in new video

Bad news, fellow meat bags. The video, entitled Parkour Atlas, shows the robot leap from side to side up the obstacles without losing momentum or balance. In the video above, you can see that Atlas has progressed from jogging/tripping face first over a box to scaling a bunch of crates like he's a contestant on Nickelodeon's GUTS.

The Oct. 11 video's description noted that Atlas' control software enabled the robot to use its whole body to create the needed power and momentum for jumping from one place to another.

In a new YouTube video from robotics company Boston Dynamics, which Alphabet sold to SoftBank a year ago, a robot is shown hopping over a log and then up a series of blocks, an activity called parkour. No commercial or private outcome has ever been disclosed, so at this point it seems the engineers are still simply working on making the most mobile humanoid robot they can. Atlas' computer vision helps it locate visible markers and find its footing, according to Boston Dynamics. Or is he just here to get us to shut up about that four-legged robot that tripped over some banana peels.

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Until someone can explain to me what the function of this parkour robot is, I have no choice but to assume that it's training to kill us all and wipe out humanity.

Boston Dynamics is also working on at least eight other robots, including Handle (which can use both legs and wheels), Spot (a four-legged dog-like robot which can traverse hard terrain), and Sand Flea (a small RC car-style robot which can jump onto the roofs of buildings).

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