Published: Sun, October 14, 2018
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Passenger Kicked Off Plane For Having An Emotional Support Squirrel

Passenger Kicked Off Plane For Having An Emotional Support Squirrel

According to Dr Christine Rhodes, a lecturer in health and social care at the University of Derby, having emotional support animals around is linked to "decreased depression" and "the reduction of high blood pressure and poor cardiovascular health in adults, through the release of the body's natural endorphins".

The flight in Orlando bound for Cleveland was delayed after Cindy Torok - who did indicate that she was travelling with an emotional support animal, but did not identify which type of animal - refused to leave the aircraft, causing havoc for her fellow passengers.

To the demands of the woman refused, saying that was afraid to fly, and the squirrel has her "emotional support".

In January that year, a passenger took their emotional support turkey onto a Delta Air flight in the US. It also showed a woman in a wheelchair being pushed away while making an obscene gesture. But the airline says she left out a key detail - the companion animal was a squirrel.

The whole incident quickly went viral as passengers shot it with their smartphones.

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But Dr. Kenneth Covelman, a psychologist with the council for relationships, says airlines do have the right to limit what animals can be on their flights.

"The passenger was advised of the policy and asked to deplane", Frontier Airlines said.

Maybe the woman should have done her research before deciding to bring a squirrel on board. They can, of course, be carried in the cargo hold, ' and does not mention other animals. However, people have seemed to undermine the strictness of the policy, and have pushed the boundaries of carrying animals onboard.

US airlines are pretty strict about what animals they allow on board, and probably for good reasons.

The new changes will be taking effect starting November 1. The airline never allowed squirrels or other rodents to be taken onto the plane. Frontier, for example, now only allows dogs and cats, as well as miniature horses, provided they've had enough training. If a squirrel does give you that feeling, well and good, just don't harm the safety of other passengers by bringing it in an enclosed space.

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