Published: Mon, October 15, 2018
Technology | By Lionel Gonzales

New PlayStation 4 Bug Reportedly Breaking Consoles

New PlayStation 4 Bug Reportedly Breaking Consoles

The messages contain certain specific characters, which somehow mess with the PS4's software, forcing it be factory reset in order to work again.

If you've received a malicious message with three heart emojis followed by a question mark box symbol, chances are your PS4 has frozen up and either needed a factory reset or a database rebuild to correct it.

Some users have reported that not only opening the messages will cause the console to "brick", but even just receiving the notification can be enough to carry the exploit. "Messages" via the Sony Entertainment Network website and clicking the edit button near Messages to change your default settings.

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Reddit user ThatPissedOffDude said: "This just happened to me during Rocket League". The bug, in some instances, has been used during matches to cause the opposing team to crash and be unable to complete a match. One suggestion is to download the PS Messages app onto your smart device of choice and delete the offending message from there. In describing the PS4 message, one player wrote that it was merely a question mark in a box, suggesting that the malicious messages can not even be displayed by the PS4. Got a message then after a minute my controller stopped working and everything went silent.

Before we go any further: To set you PlayStation account to private, fire up your console and head to the Settings menu.

If you haven't been affected by this bug and want to protect yourself, the way to do that is to restrict messaging on your console to PlayStation 4 to friends only.

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