Published: Fri, October 19, 2018
Worldwide | By Jermaine Blake

Trump making opponents do the stupidest things

Trump making opponents do the stupidest things

Warren immediately backtracked from statements earlier today in which she said that a "famous geneticist analyzed my DNA and concluded that it contains Native American ancestry"; now she states that "DNA & family history has nothing to do with tribal affiliation or citizenship, which is determined only - only - by Tribal Nations". Her Native American ancestry is so distant, it turns out, that her closest Native American ancestor might actually have been Pocahontas. Elizabeth Warren, nor does he seem in any way inclined to break with his longstanding tradition of backing away from a debt.

"I think she's guilty of claiming she's an American Indian but has no proof - and then [is] using it for applications for college and political reasons", she said.

An ancestor six generations removed would make Warren 1/64th Native American while an ancestor as much as 10 generations removed would render the Massachusetts Democrat only 1/1024th Native American, according to Blaine Bettinger, a genealogist and author who specializes in DNA evidence. Media reports from CNN, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal say the Saudis are considering saying he died during a botched interrogation, but the issue has swelled into an worldwide test for the Trump administration on human rights.

Referring to her by the racist moniker Pocahontas, Trump said: "She took a bogus DNA test and it showed that she may be 1/1024 [Native American, ] far less than the average American ..." As it turns out, Warren could never provide any evidence of Native American ancestry - even though she spent years labeling herself Native American while at the University of Pennsylvania Law School as well as Harvard Law School.

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"She took Trump's DNA-test dare and let him divide us - again - by race and ethnicity", he wrote. She continued, "I think of her as a smart woman and not getting into petty politics, and that's exactly what this is". "She was not looking to prove that she wanted to be part of the tribe", said Goldberg.

Referring to Warren, he said: "She's less than one-tenth of 1%".

"The problem is that, when you strip away all of the glitz of her well-produced video, you are left with this: There's still no certainty that Warren is, in any meaningful way, Native American", CNN's Chris Cillizza said. Those who made it to Oklahoma intermarried, the Cherokee primarily with whites (which is why the party trick works; alternately, the Choctaw often married freed and runaway slaves, though I have yet to meet a black person claiming Native blood; go figure). Now Cherokee Nation denies her, 'DNA test is useless.' Even they don't want her. "I don't know", Mullin added. Elizabeth Warren after she released the results of her DNA test. As a former professor at Harvard Law School, Warren had listed herself as a member of a minority group in a law school directory, the New York Times reported. "But if you come at him that way, you best not miss", Douthat writes.

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