Published: Sun, October 21, 2018
Science | By Michele Flores

Stephen Hawking Posthumously Asserts 'There Is No God' in New Book

Stephen Hawking Posthumously Asserts 'There Is No God' in New Book

In Hawking's final book, Brief Answers to Big Questions, published Tuesday, the theoretical physicist and cosmologist, who was smart enough to be played by Eddie Redmayne in the movie of his life, tackled one of life's oldest and most hard questions-Is there a God?

"I want to share my excitement about these big questions and my enthusiasm about this quest", says Hawking in an excerpt of his final book.

"There is no God", wrote Hawking, as reported by CNN.

The existence of God-Is there a God? To illustrate, he points to the physics of black holes - collapsed stars that are so dense, nothing, including light, can escape their pull.

The book, which was completed by his family after his death, presents answers to the questions that Hawking said he received most during his time on earth. The paper dealt with an issue Hawking grappled with for years: how to reconcile the fact that black holes slowly evaporate over time, which he discovered, with the idea that the information within them would someday be lost. "Black holes would evaporate, but in so doing lose information, which is something quantum mechanics does not allow".

"It matters that you don't give up", he said. Hawking's answer, then, to what happened before the Big Bang is, "there was no time before the Big Bang".

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Providing his thoughts on what lies beyond the Earth's atmosphere, Hawking argues that there is more out there than what we know.

"This is what we're very excited about trying to understand in greater and greater mathematical detail", Strominger said.

The award-winning author and scientist Stephen Hawking, who spent most of his adult life dealing with a slow moving form of ALS, died last March at age 76. But Hawking says science has an explanation here, too. "At his large birthday conferences, many people would come, drawn by love and respect for Stephen, from an enormous range of different areas, all touched by his work". She told London's Science Museum how her father maintained an enormous archive, theories which were painstakingly put together to form the scientist's final publication.

A percentage of the royalties of the new book will go to the Motor Neuron Disease Association and the Stephen Hawking Foundation. It seems poised to connect with a public looking for the guiding force of science in the world today, from a man whose name has become synonymous with the cutting edge of science.

As for the most challenging problems the world will be facing "I count global warming, finding space and resources for the massive increase in the Earth's human population, rapid extinction of other species, the need to develop renewable energy sources, the degradation of the oceans, deforestation and epidemic diseases - just to name a few".

"I think the universe was spontaneously created out of nothing according to the laws of science".

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