Published: Wed, October 24, 2018
Science | By Michele Flores

Mysterious 'perfectly rectangular' iceberg spotted floating in Antarctica

Mysterious 'perfectly rectangular' iceberg spotted floating in Antarctica

In the case of tabular icebergs, she said, that subsurface mass is usually regular-looking and geometric, similar to what's visible above.

NASA has shared a photo of a rectangular iceberg floating in the Weddell Sea off Antarctica, its flat top and straight edges appearing so exact as to suggest Mother Nature used a saw, per CTV News.

According to scientists, the iceberg's sharp angles and flat surface are an indication that it had probably recently broken off the ice shelf.

The study uses research aircraft to capture three-dimensional images and monitor annual changes in thickness of sea ice, glaciers and ice sheets, with the aim of better understanding connections between polar regions and the global climate system.

"They split from the edges of ice shelves - large blocks of ice, connected to land but floating in the water surrounding iced-over places like Antarctica".

Scientists from Project MIDAS - a British Antarctic Survey project involving researchers from several British universities - said a year ago that they feared the entire ice shelf could become unstable. We get the type that everyone can envision in their head that sank the Titanic, and they look like prisms or triangles at the surface and you know they have a insane subsurface.

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Tabular icebergs form, Brunt told LiveScience, through a process that's a bit like a fingernail growing too long and cracking off at the end.

She said: "We get two types of icebergs".

"What makes this one a bit unusual is that it looks nearly like a square", Brunt said.

Scientists from the European Space Agency wrote in September, 'Sea ice to the east and shallow waters to the north kept this giant berg, named A68, hemmed in.

"And then you have what are called "tabular icebergs". And the portion above the surface is likely just 10 percent of the total iceberg, Petty says.

The rectangular iceberg is about a mile wide, Petty says - considerably smaller than another well-known iceberg from the Larsen C ice shelf.

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