Published: Fri, October 26, 2018
Medical | By Vicki Mclaughlin

Organic fruits and vegetables might reduce cancer risk, study finds

Organic fruits and vegetables might reduce cancer risk, study finds

The European Union's organic label indicates that there are no synthetic fertilizers or chemical pesticides used on the crops, antibiotics are severely restricted, genetically modified organisms are not allowed, and crops are rotated.

The last category was all lymphomas: People who ate organic food most often were 76 percent less likely to get cancers of the lymph system than people who ate organic foods the least.

"It was only a slightly higher risk and that there are more important actions that people can take to make positive changes, [such as] stopping smoking and maintaining a healthy weight", she said. The organic food score ranged from zero to 32 points.

All of the participants also completed follow-up questionnaires - on average around four years following the first round. Now, even a new health study claims that consuming organic food products can help keep cancer at bay.

However, looking at specific sites, "we found that the negative association was the case for all lymphomas, as well as for postmenopausal breast cancer, but we did not find any association with any other cancer sites", Baudry stated.

Organic food is more popular than ever as more Americans are looking to avoid additives and while we assume it's healthier, the new research looked at cancer rates specifically. In particular, the risk of developing non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and breast cancer was reduced by 73% and 21% respectively. "It is unclear what the intended exposure, organic food consumption, was actually measuring", the author said. You can imagine that's two very different groups of people.

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The authors concluded: "Although our findings need to be confirmed, promoting organic food consumption in the general population could be a promising preventive strategy against cancer".

The researcher suggested that people shouldn't stop eating fruits and vegetables if they can't afford expensive organically grown options. Study participants also self-reported their food intake, and such self-reporting is notoriously inaccurate.

When they considered each type of cancer separately, they found that only three had a statistically significant association with organic food consumption. They are often fresher because they don't contain preservatives. Of course, people buy organic for numerous reasons, but can an organic lifestyle prevent cancer?

For example, an article published in Workplace Health & Safety notes the link between pesticide exposure and developmental issues in children.

Chavarro called for more in-depth studies to understand the relationship between organic food and cancer prevention better.

As cancer is one of the leading causes of death in France, the researchers began to look into the ways pesticides sprayed on fruits and vegetables are affecting consumers - and their likelihood of developing cancer.

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