Published: Sat, November 03, 2018
Technology | By Lionel Gonzales

AI Lie Detector to Screen Travelers at Some EU Borders

AI Lie Detector to Screen Travelers at Some EU Borders

Luxembourg is the main coordinator, and trials are "about to start" in Hungary, Greece, and Latvia, the European Union says.

Fliers will be asked a series of questions by a virtual border guard avatar, and artificial intelligence will monitor their faces to assess whether they are lying.

You might attempt to "act casual" at the border if you are carrying more than your allowance for duty-free, or far more seriously, are attempting to smuggle illegal contraband across country lines, but the pilot AI, dubbed iBorderCtrl, will detect the little gestures we can not but help to make when we are lying and under pressure.

The new system has two distinct stages, first travelers will be required to upload their passports, visas, and proof of funds to an online application centre before being questioned by a computer-animated border guard via their webcam.

"Artificial intelligence" lie detector programs will be tested on people arriving at airports in Hungary, Greece and Latvia, under a new, EU-funded pilot scheme created to partially automate the bloc's border control. The screening technology analyzes "micro-expressions" by travelers.

A statement issued by the European Commission said the bloc's external borders were coming under increasing pressure as a result of the 700 million people who cross borders into the EU every year. If the machine detects deceit, biometric information will be taken before the person is passed to a human agent.

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Reportedly, the project uses artificial intelligence to speed up border-crossing travellers.

The system will analyse the user's microexpressions to determine if they're lying, and they'll be flagged as either low or high risk.

"After the traveler's documents have been reassessed, and fingerprinting, palm vein scanning and face matching have been carried out, the potential risk posed by the traveler will be recalculated".

Hand-held devices will cross-check information, comparing facial images with passport photos.

But the technology has been tested in its current form on only 32 people, and scientists behind the project are hoping to achieve an 85% success rate.

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