Published: Tue, November 06, 2018
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Grenfell Tower model bonfire: Officers search London garden

Grenfell Tower model bonfire: Officers search London garden

In a video which emerged on social media a group laughs at the victims of London's Grenfell Tower tragedy while burning a cardboard model.

The Metropolitan police have now arrested five men - two of who were aged 49 and the other three were age 19, 46 and 55 - it was said the men did hand themselves in on Monday 5 November, however the identities of the five men has not been disclosed.

They claim that the video wasn't racist and now fear that their lives are in danger because of the sick stunt.

The stunt is thought to have been filmed at the weekend.

The men were not identified and additional details were not immediately available.

Among the derogatory comments was shouted "You'll be all right, don't worry. stay in your flat" - a reference to the fatal advice given to residents as the disaster unfolded previous year.

At the end of the clip, someone else can be heard saying: "That's what happens when they don't pay their rent".

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"When one is ignorant of the world and people that are around them they do the most stupid and vile things. To mock that disaster in such a crude way is vile", Metropolitan Police Commander Stuart Cundy told media.

Communities Secretary James Brokenshire said: "At a time when the bereaved and survivors are giving testimony to the Grenfell inquiry and reliving the unimaginable horror of that tragedy, it beggars belief that anyone should do this. Unfortunately it's just really bad taste". But the show went on.

Prime Minister Theresa May added: "To disrespect those who lost their lives at Grenfell Tower, as well as their families and loved ones, is utterly unacceptable".

London Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton said: "This is an appalling and disturbing video".

The disgusting video on Twitter sees a group of adults placing a cardboard mock-up of the tower over a flame and watching it burn. "We hope that the police are taking this seriously", while Justice4Grenfell said it "caused great alarm and distress".

Speaking to Tom Swarbrick, Alex described the video as "hilarious".

"This is clearly a hate crime and as a society we should never tolerate these types of blatant acts of hatred". Many across the country light fireworks and bonfires to mark Fawkes's failure to blow up Parliament in 1605.

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