Published: Wed, November 07, 2018
Sports | By Johanna Francis

Upset At Jamal Murray’s Final Shot, Kyrie Irving Throws Ball Into Crowd

Upset At Jamal Murray’s Final Shot, Kyrie Irving Throws Ball Into Crowd

The Denver Nuggets guard tried to make it even more memorable by taking a last ditch three at the end to eclipse the 50-point mark, a move that didn't sit well with Celtics players, most notably Kyrie Irving. It's pennies to a man months away from signing a contract worth $180 million but the league had to take action.

Kyrie Irving got his own little bit of justice for it, but now the only thing the Celtics can do is wait for their next opportunity to take down Jamal Murray and the Nuggets. I mean, if Jamal wants to reach 50 and throw himself a party after, let him go for it. He chose to launch a late triple for one last shot at 50 points - a move that didn't sit well with Celtics guard Kyrie Irving. He made us pay in certain instances, making some tough shots and some tough layups. Irving said. "I understand if we fouled him, going to the free throw line".

"What kind of competitor wouldn't it bother?" he snapped.

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Reaction to Irving's actions and comments have been mixed: Jalen Rose thought the Celtics guard should've anxious more about playing defense, while Max Kellerman thought he was being a poor sport.

"I really wasn't meaning no disrespect". Murray scored a career-high 49 points and attempted a three-pointer in the final seconds instead of dribbling to run out the clock. I know half the team over there, so no hard feelings. His mind was simply set on going for 50 points.

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