Published: Thu, November 08, 2018
Worldwide | By Jermaine Blake

The midterms show Trump might not get re-elected in 2020

The midterms show Trump might not get re-elected in 2020

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday celebrated Senate Republican gains in the midterm election but immediately threatened Democrats, who won back control of the House and with it the power to investigate the president's personal and professional conduct.

The president criticized Republican candidates who apparently did not support him enough and lost congressional seats in Tuesday's elections.

"I think the message is, figure out what you can do together and do it", McConnell said, adding that the Affordable Care Act needs to be fixed but that any effort to fix the Obama-era law would have to be done "on a bipartisan basis".

On "America's Newsroom" Wednesday, York said the night "could have been a lot worse" for President Trump and Republicans.

For context, Trump told repoters that during President Barack Obama's first midterm election that the Democrat's party lost Senate seats, including in MA.

"Now is the time for members of both parties to join together, put partisanship aside, and keep the American economic miracle going strong", Trump said.

For example, Cummings and other Democratic lawmakers past year filed a federal lawsuit demanding disclosures of records to determine how Trump was approved by the General Services Administration to maintain the lease of the Trump International Hotel in Washington after he became president.

Trahan said she wants Democrats to focus on issues like health care rather than start the new Congress by launching a series of investigations and other initiatives targeting Trump.

His back-and-forth with CNN reporter Jim Acosta over Trump's hard-line immigration rhetoric grew especially heated, with Trump labeling the reporter a "very rude person" and saying the outlet "should be ashamed of itself" for employing him.

"Mia gave me no love", he said of Love.

Of the special counsel's Russian Federation investigation that has shadowed his administration for more than 18 months, Mr Trump said that he could end it now but lets it continue.

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"I love our country", he said, "you have nationalists, you have globalists", adding "I also love the world". The alleged crime is attempted obstruction of justice, which Democrats will argue the president committed by interfering with a federal criminal investigation for venal - i.e., dishonest or self-protective - purposes. "Yesterday was such a very Big Win, and all under the pressure of a Nasty and Hostile Media!" he tweeted ahead of a scheduled White House press conference at the time of writing.

"It's a huge moment and victory for the president", Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters at the White House Tuesday night. Now the president will have no choice but to reach across the aisle to those in the House he has branded as "evil" and work with them. Republican Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada, for example was defeated although he had embraced Trump, with both highlighting their desire to get more of the president's judicial nominees confirmed, a top priority for many social conservatives.

"That's such a racist question", said Trump, who has made accusations of unfair coverage from the media a staple on the campaign trail.

Democrats needed to pick up two dozen seats to seize the House majority and two seats to control the Senate.

A Democrat-controlled House will hamper Trump's pro-business agenda and could lead to uncertainty about his administration, but corporate tax cuts and deregulation measures that have played a large hand in the USA stock market's rally since the 2016 election are likely to remain untouched.

The president also suggested that, somehow, losing a House majority could be beneficial to his agenda because Democrats will want to work with him.

Wrapping up the campaign in recent days, Trump repeatedly raised fears about immigrants, issuing harsh warnings about a caravan of Central American migrants that is moving slowly through Mexico towards the USA border.

But control of the Senate ensures Mr Trump can still make key appointments.

The more left-liberal wing of the party wants to go down this route, but the establishment wing led by putative speaker Nancy Pelosi (who is herself not backed by the entire party) is more circumspect, believing it will be politically counter productive and allow Trump to further rouse his base in 2020.

Democrats have already piled up scores of subpoenas of documents and witnesses which Republicans have repeatedly rejected over the past two years. Many of those incumbents retired in part because of Trump. Legislative elections are not presidential elections.

Internal Revenue Service law allows House and Senate tax-writing committees to request federal returns, and the ranking Ways and Means Democrat, Rep. Richard Neal of MA, has signaled publicly he would ask for them - a move the White House might fight.

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