Published: Sat, November 10, 2018
Technology | By Lionel Gonzales

Chrome 71 to Start Showing Warning Alerts on Unclear Billing Websites

Chrome 71 to Start Showing Warning Alerts on Unclear Billing Websites

If you too gate the random pop ups or maybe those fake warnings for system error when visiting a website, Chrome is now your best friend. The search giant will try to reach webmasters of sites that aren't verified on its Search Console and will answer questions on its support forum, which is available in 15 languages, according to its blog post. Yes, the Chrome 71 will now block every ad on a site that shows them constantly.

In the new version of mobile browser Google Chrome, the release is at number 71 in December, there will be a security feature that will help users not to make unwanted expenditures.

At these warning pages, users can decide whether they want to ignore the warning and proceed, or go back to the previous page they were at.

This primarily applies to mobile services, which may charge additional fees without giving at the same time players have complete information about a particular service.

Have you ever received an invoice for a mobile service you never subscribe to?

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What is An Unclear Subscription Page?

Information should be visible on all types of devices.

Google is taking up a new approach by warning people beforehand about a website that tricks users and subscribes them to billing scams. Fee structures need to be easily understandable, and websites need to clearly show what kinds of charges they'll apply before consumers accept the terms of carrier billing. Of course, the internet users can turn the filtering off but a majority of them are likely to leave their settings on default causing Google to flag a huge number of ads and affecting the website's revenue.

Site owners will then be asked to make changes to the pages and submit an appeal.

Google has unveiled a series of best practices for on Chrome, which includes telling the user how much they'll be charged, what they'll be charged for, how long for, and ensuring those details are clear and visible.

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