Published: Wed, November 14, 2018
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Why this Serena Williams magazine cover has caused outrage

Why this Serena Williams magazine cover has caused outrage

GQ announced yesterday that Serena Williams was the "Woman Of The Year" and one of four honorees to be featured on the cover of GQ's 23rd-annual Men of the Year issue. Jordan is crowned as Leader of the Year, thanks to his dominance in the box office with his roles in Black Panther and Creed II, while also explaining his goals to take over Hollywood.

Dropping hints about what Serena talked about during the interview, the magazine, which described her as the Champion of the year said, "No matter how you cut it, Serena Williams had a remarkable year".

Additionally, each cover star is accompanied with a cover story that details their eventful 2018, while flaunting their signature and dapper looks.

For more details, head on over to GQ.

This isn't the first time that a woman has landed a "Man of the Year" cover: In 2017, the MOTY award was given to Gal Gadot for her role in "Wonder Woman", as well as Stephen Colbert, Colin Kaepernick and Kevin Durant.

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Abloh's designs typically feature quote marks, including on some of the Nike apparel he has worked on for Williams.

There was no immediate comment from Williams, GQ or Abloh.

It has drawn criticism on social media, with many Twitter users questioning the use of the punctuation. Ridiculous conspiracies litter the internet. It has been said that I use drugs (No, I have always had far too much integrity to behave dishonestly in order to gain an advantage).

The image next to the tennis star - who was clad in a revealing black outfit set off with a chunky Chanel belt - was accompanied by a title with the word "Men" crossed out and replaced by "Woman", denoting the gender in quotation marks. "(No, I just work hard and I was born with this baddass body and proud of it)".

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