Published: Thu, December 06, 2018
Worldwide | By Jermaine Blake

PETA compares racist, homophobic language to phrases like ‘bring home the bacon’

PETA compares racist, homophobic language to phrases like ‘bring home the bacon’

Don't mind our animal-friendly language but PETA suddenly tweeted yesterday (Dec 4) a list of English phrases that they consider to be discriminatory towards animals.

Instead of saying "kill two birds with one stone", people should say "feed two birds with one scone", despite the fact that the first phrase refers to using resources wisely to accomplish multiple goals and nothing to do with feeding or literally killing birds.

"Say: "Take the flower by the thorns".

They're tried-and-true elements of the American language, but now, the animal rights group PETA wants you to stop using common phrases like "bring home the bacon" and "kill two birds with one stone" - suggesting that these idioms carry harmful messages. The group tweeted the alternative sayings Tuesday morning. "Here's how to remove "speciesism" from your daily conversations".

However, many people took to Twitter to suggest more phrases, or mock the suggestion.

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PETA's tweet recommended using substitute language when referencing animals.

Critics said the tweets diminished violence against people of color, the LGBTQ community and individuals with disabilities.

"That should make racists think twice", PETA wrote on its website.

PETA responded to the criticism Wednesday, asking the "haters" to "lighten up" and for more suggestions on anti-speciesist language.

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