Published: Fri, December 07, 2018
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Canada arrests Huawei CFO, to extradite her to US

Canada arrests Huawei CFO, to extradite her to US

"This headline is quite significant as the United States government is attempting to persuade allies to stop using Huawei equipment due to security fears", said Stephen Innes, head of Asia-Pacific trade at OANDA.

Meng, who also goes by the name Sabrina, was arrested by Canadian police while changing planes at Vancouver International Airport Dec. 1 on a warrant issued under the Extradition Act at the request of us authorities.

According to Huawei's website, Meng joined the company in 1993, obtained a master's degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 1998, and rose up the ranks over the years, mostly holding financial roles. That's an open question at this point-but either way, it could not be more tumultuous in effect.

Whether Beijing was informed of the arrest before or after the dinner, they did know about it before they issued later statements indicating that trade talks were moving forward, a clear signal that the arrest had not derailed the trade talks.

"The Chinese side has lodged stern representations with the USA and Canadian side", the Embassy said, "and urged them to immediately correct the wrongdoing and restore the personal freedom of Ms. Meng Wanzhou". -China trade war could come to a swift end.

"China will be furious and look for means of punishing us, in part as an example for others", David Mulroney, a former Canadian ambassador to China, said Thursday. "At any other time, if the Chinese were feeling more confident, if they were feeling their economy were more robust, the response would have been to cancel any pledges they made". Wanzhou is the founder's daughter and heir apparent.

Meng was detained provisionally by Canadian authorities on behalf of the USA on Wednesday while she was transferring flights in Vancouver, and is facing as yet unspecified charges in the Eastern District of NY.

"Detaining a person without providing an explanation has undoubtedly violated her human rights", Geng said, adding the Chinese government "has made clear our solemn positions to the US and Canada".

Meng was arrested in Vancouver on Saturday and is being sought for extradition by the U.S.

Meng's arrest came at the behest of USA authorities and is connected to an investigation into alleged violations of US trade sanctions, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters. Is the timing of the arrest deliberate?

The arrest wasn't made public until late Wednesday.

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The US State Department has for months classified China as an "increased caution" risk for American travelers, particularly businesspeople. "I imagine that some Chinese are going to see this as the equivalent of a hostage-taking", he said.

The White House says Trump and his close aides were not aware the United States planned to place an extradition request for Meng ahead of his dinner with Xi on Saturday.

They're involved in the development of these networks around the world, BBC journalist Will Bain told us.

And almost a year ago, AT&T pulled out of a deal to sell Huawei smartphones.

David Mulroney, a former Canadian ambassador to China, said US and Canadian business executives could face reprisals in China.

"I think too much is at stake for Xi Jinping".

'As there is a publication ban in effect, we can not provide any further detail at this time.

It's also making it harder for Chinese firms to invest in U.S. companies or to buy American technology in such cutting-edge areas as robotics, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. BT, Britain's largest mobile provider, said this week it was removing the equipment of Huawei from its 4G cellular network.

Meng "was arrested in Vancouver on December 1", a statement by Canada's ministry of justice said. "We are working very closely with the broader security community".

Jones happened to be presenting his office's first report on cyber security threats assessment. The company has been accused of using its devices to pass on information to the Chinese government, prompting the US Department of Defense to ban their sale on military bases. "Would not want to be a Canadian business leader in China right now". ZTE eventually got a reprieve after Xi asked Trump for help.

A similar ban on Huawei would have a bigger impact because its equipment is more widely used.

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