Published: Fri, December 07, 2018
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WashPost: Ocasio-Cortez Claim About Pentagon Wrong

WashPost: Ocasio-Cortez Claim About Pentagon Wrong

Ocasio-Cortez in a December 2 tweet claimed a $21 trillion mistake could have paid for about 66 percent of the cost of a Medicare-for-all bill.

And her chief of staff told The Washington Post that they intend to pay the interns "at least" $15 an hour.

"It's a very nasty system that keeps rich people in control", Carlos Vera, founder of Pay Our Interns, told Rolling Stone.

The self-proclaimed Democratic-Socialist has called on other lawmakers in Congress to pay their staffers more.

"She cited the $21 trillion figure and said '66% of Medicare for All could have been funded already by the Pentagon, '" they noted.

Newly elected representative and social media lightning rod Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) sparked a round of controversy this weekend when she compared the potential cost of Medicare for All to the cost of a supposed "massive accounting fraud" totaling $21 trillion at the Pentagon. "SEVERAL bartenders, managers, & servers *currently worked in Senate + House offices, *" she wrote.

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In a follow-up tweet, the newly-elected Democratic Socialist from NY argued that it was unfair for Congress to "rely on unpaid interns & underpaid overworked staff".

Ocasio-Cortez's pledge comes a day after she criticized her future colleagues in Congress, including Democrats, for not paying interns.

"It is unjust for Congress to budget a living wage for ourselves, yet rely on unpaid interns and underpaid overworked staff just [because] Republicans want to make a statement about 'fiscal responsibility, ' " she posted. It found that in the Senate, 51% of Republicans and 31% of Democrats pay their interns. Schumer's office told Rolling Stone that the ad "was made in error" and that beginning in January, they will offer "a stipend to eligible interns".

Both the Senate and the House legislation in 2018 to set aside funding to pay interns starting in 2019, with the House appropriating $8 million toward it and the Senate setting aside $5 million.

Even the liberal-friendly Washington Post couldn't allow her to skate on her latest whopper - a $21 trillion "mistake" for which The Post's fact-checkers awarded her the cringeworthy "four Pinnochios".

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