Published: Sat, December 08, 2018
Technology | By Lionel Gonzales

Battle Royale comes to Counter Strike: Global Offensive, now free-to-play

Battle Royale comes to Counter Strike: Global Offensive, now free-to-play

Valve unexpected updated the game today, introducing a new game mode called "Danger Zone", a smaller variation on the battle royale formula that pits 16 to 18 players against each other. However, there will be an option for $15 for players to enter a Prime game play model. According to Valve, Prime Status is an upgrade available to all Counter Strike: Global Offensive players. Seemingly out of nowhere Valve have announced that the game is free for everyone on Steam, with previous owners being upgraded to "Prime" account status and awarded a "commemorative Loyalty Badge". Though resources are scarce, they're the key to victory, if you can find what you need on the ground. Playlists are available in solo, duo, and trio.

Safes contain cash. You don't have the combination, but you might have some C4... Yep, that's the whole game, not just battle royale, and not just the offline modes that went free earlier this year. The pace seems to be much faster than a typical battle royale, and Valve says matches typically last about 10 minutes. The announcement comes as part of the recent reveal of the new Danger Zone battle royale game mode and Danger Zone Case featuring 17 community designed skins. If queuing as a squad of two or three, the match will have up to 18 players. Carry a hostage to the rescue zone to earn a cash bonus.

Each Danger Zone match includes pistols, rifles, SMGs and heavy weapons featured in the CS:GO's classic arsenal.

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From the round I've played so far, it's weird to see a bunch of old weapons and new ideas thrown together into the same pot. New players shouldn't be intimidated, as they will be given "non-prime" member status and placed into a separate matchmaking pool to avoid unbalanced gameplay.

To help locate enemies, you'll have access to a tablet that will track enemy positions, where drops are coming from and where the Danger Zone is headed.

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