Published: Sat, December 08, 2018
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This Thank U Next parody devoted to Jeff Goldblum is everything

This Thank U Next parody devoted to Jeff Goldblum is everything

The whole thing comes packaged in a video parodying Grande's pop-culture loaded clip, only this time there are dancers dressed as Grandmaster and Dr. Ian Malcom, and it's Goldblum himself filming from the audience.

I've re-watched the video more times than I care to admit - just fantastic.

The spoof video, which aired on Wednesday's "The Late Late Show", featured Corden singing about his admiration for Jeff Goldblum.

James Corden showers Jeff Goldblumwith the love he deserves in a parody of Ariana Grande's hit song "Thank U, Next".

The host also sang about Goldblum being "a silver fox with black thick-rimmed glasses" and his skill of playing jazz on piano. "And in Thor: Ragnorok/ His performance was classic/ But who could forget the hot doctor/ That he played in Jurassic".

Australia passes controversial encryption bill
Representatives of Google , Amazon and Apple did not respond immediately to a request for comment by the Reuters news agency. Apple refused , arguing that it would weaken encryption and it would create perilous privacy consequences for consumers.

Doctors amazed after man coughs up blood clot of lung bronchial tree
Indeed, the patient had several coughing episodes in which he expelled small amounts of blood, according to the report . In 2012, it was reported a 40-year-old in the United Kingdom literally coughed out her lung through her ribs.

Battle Royale comes to Counter Strike: Global Offensive, now free-to-play
From the round I've played so far, it's weird to see a bunch of old weapons and new ideas thrown together into the same pot. The pace seems to be much faster than a typical battle royale, and Valve says matches typically last about 10 minutes.

'I'm so freaking grateful for his pecs / You can bet that he has tonnes of sex'.

A moved but slightly disturbed Goldblum thanked Corden afterwards for the tribute, but was anxious about the stalker-esque scrapbook he'd complied. Is that like you.have you had that for a while?

Check out the hilarious "Thank U, Jeff" song in the video above!

"No... I'll get rid of it", Corden says bashfully.

Weirdo: 'So that journal with all the pictures of me.

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