Published: Sun, December 09, 2018
Technology | By Lionel Gonzales

Driven News Feed Now Available on Google Assistant, Google Home

Driven News Feed Now Available on Google Assistant, Google Home

In a new post on its blog, Google has just announced that it built a prototype that brings the AI (artificial intelligence) of Google News to Assistant. The latest is the Google Assistant news briefings which will now offer tailored briefings - at least for those in the US.

Audio news on the Google Assistant has started to roll out to a "limited number of people" in the United States, with publishers from around the world who produce English-language content invited to sign up and submit feeds for inclusion. However, these news briefings tend to come in longer, podcast-type audio segments.

San Francisco: Google has partnered with some of the top news organisations and publishers to let people listen to curated, customised and long-form news stories via its Google Assistant-enabled smart home speakers. And you can ask to skip a story, go back, or stop. The new functionality will bring Google Assistant users an audio news playlist put together on the spot. However, the content is usually taken from television or radio casts. Audio news on Google Assistant will roll out first to a limited number of people in the USA in English.

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The project aims to transform audio news into a Netflix-like experience, available on demand with personalized recommendations. The company is also leaving the door open for other publications that would like to participate to submit news feeds for inclusion. Medium-format stories, on the other hand, can last from 2 to 15 minutes. But its usefulness will really depend on more publishers climbing aboard and Google's AI selecting stories you actually want to hear.

The biggest advantage from a consumer standpoint is that Google is not allowing any sponsored content in its audio news.

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