Published: Sat, December 29, 2018
Technology | By Lionel Gonzales

Amazon user received 1700 Alexa's recordings of a stranger

Amazon user received 1700 Alexa's recordings of a stranger

Apparently, back in August this year, a Germany based customer, under the alias Martin Schneider, used the priviledges granted to him under the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to seek a copy of all data that the e-retail platform had on him. But the violation of privacy had already transpired: After Amazon had sent the user the link, he downloaded the audio recordings of the stranger to his computer. It also said that some of the recordings were from when he was in the shower.

It said that the man had provided the recordings to the magazine and it was able to get in touch with person in question.

And not only on the Echo-owner of the magazine knew something.

As the Tech magazine "c't" reported, it came out this autumn on the subject of Alexa, but in a data breach at the German Amazon offshoot

Amazon's response: Amazon said a staff member had made a one-time error.

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The original report notes that the recordings revealed conversations between Alexa and a couple, and the magazine was able to identify him with the help of the recorded information. A customer had requested with respect to the DSGVO be a data packet, accordingly, 1700 Alexa-the language of the records in the data information, not Packed, which belonged to his Account. Naturally, the individual instantly complained to Amazon, which provided him with a free Prime membership and two more Echo speakers as compensation.

An Amazon spokesperson responded to news of the incident by explaining, "This unfortunate case was the result of a human error and an isolated single case". Then click on this Link, log in to your Amazon account and then go to "voice recording-history". "As a precautionary measure we contacted the relevant authorities", the Amazon spokesman added. A user can mute the devices, and they can also listen to past recordings and delete them.

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To Delete, it says on the help page: "If you choose to delete voice recordings, will be deleted in addition to those records associated with cards on the home screen". It found that he used Alexa in various places, has an Echo at home, and also has a Fire device on his TV.

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