Published: Wed, January 02, 2019
Technology | By Lionel Gonzales

Apple’s new iPhone XS Max explodes in OH man’s trouser pocket

Apple’s new iPhone XS Max explodes in OH man’s trouser pocket

A day later, someone at Apple Care finally gave him the offer of a new XS Max.

It's no secret that the iPhone will get a radical upgrade in 2020 when Apple integrates 5G tech into the model, but what can we expect from the upcoming 2019 generation? Hillard explains that he felt the phone getting hot in his pocket and also felt a burning sensation, followed by the presence of green and yellow smoke.

A man from OH claims he was twice burned by Apple, first by an iPhone XS Max that allegedly caught fire in his trousers pocket and injured his "buttocks region", and then again by poor customer service, both inside an Apple Store and over the phone.

A Columbus, Ohio resident has catapulted further scorn in Apple's direction with claims that his 4-week-old iPhone XS Max caught fire in his pocket and ultimately exploded. "A VP of our company put the fire out with a fire extinguisher because he heard me yelling". "After spending about 20 minutes with an employee and answering questions, she removed the SIM card in effort to pull up my profile but it was melted". "Later in the day, the team told me about the video that the office security camera captured".

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"The employee resurfaced with the phone already packaged and told me that they were going to send it back to the engineering team", he recalls. "I left one hour before the store closed and unsatisfied with the customer service in store, I took back the damaged phone and returned home".

According to Hillard, he went to the Apple Store that night to tell Apple about his problem. According to a Reuters report, Apple is expected to start assembling top-end iPhones in its Foxconn unit in 2019.

The technology isn't exclusive to Apple, but if Apple can bring it to market first, combined with a reinvigorated phone, there's a chance the company Steve Jobs built could reverse its fortunes come September. Hillard also notes that he'd like to brag about the great company that Apple is, however he seems to have lost faith in the company at this point in time.

"I stated that I would send pictures of the damaged phone and clothes, but that even if there had been a visible injury I would not be comfortable sending pictures of such sensitive regions of my body", he said.

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