Published: Sat, January 05, 2019
Money | By Ralph Mccoy

Local News Should you file your taxes during the government shutdown?

Local News Should you file your taxes during the government shutdown?

But fear not! While the Internal Revenue Service now lacks the funds to process refunds, it is fully prepared to process tax returns that include payments to the government. Only about 1 out of 8 IRS workers work during the shutdown. Customers are asking how and when they should file their taxes, as the partial government shutdown continues.

As the government shutdown enters another week, federal agencies like the IRS are feeling the effects.

IRS offices are closed, tax questions are not being answered, and refunds to early-filers this year might not be issued on time if the shutdown drags on, financial experts say. "That stalemate raises the prospect of an unprecedented extended closure during the individual income-tax filing season, which typically starts in mid-to-late January".

"A lot of families rely on this income, so that's going to be the biggest issue", said Alejandra Pino, a tax preparer for Shining Accounting Services in Harrisonburg.

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Even so, most refunds likely won't be processed until the federal government - particularly the IRS - is up and running at full speed again.

Tax filing season begins in mid-January, and returns are due to the IRS by April 15 -raising the possibility that the shutdown could hit taxpayers who are depending on a speedy refund. "Normal operations will resume as soon as possible".

During the shutdown, the IRS can do many of its activities, such as protecting government property, process returns that come with payments and conduct criminal investigations. But, if the shutdown continues, he says, "It could be six, seven, or eight weeks".

" They have not addressed yet if the delay is deep into tax season, will they push back the filing deadline?"

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