Published: Tue, January 08, 2019
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Cody Parkey's game-winning field goal attempt hits upright, crossbar and fails

Cody Parkey's game-winning field goal attempt hits upright, crossbar and fails

When seeing how close they were to watching their season come to an end, it's still incredible to think about how the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Chicago Bears during the Wild Card Round since Cody Parkey seemed like he was about to stick it to his former team. Parkey has quickly been targeted by us and others as a choker, but it turns out we missed a key detail.

But a new video proves that the missed kick may not have been all Parkey's fault.

This key detail that has been so widely missed was actually noted in the locker room by reporter Bo Wulf, who took a photo of Hester's left hand.

He was probably right.

After the game ended, and Chicago's 12-4 season and NFC North division title season was over, the onslaught on Parkey's life and family began.

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That's what one Chicago brewery is banking on in an effort to defend Chicago Bears kicker Cody Parkey.

"I thought I hit a great ball and was trying to play the wind", Parkey said. Since leaving the Bears, Gould has hit 82 of 85 kicks, good for a 96.5 percent success rate. "When I saw it going in, I turned back around (away from the goal posts)".

That fact hasn't stopped salty Bears fans though, as many have started various GoFundMe campaigns to buy out the remaining $9 million guaranteed of Parkey's four-year, $15 million contract. "Then I heard everybody screaming, I was like, oh, (bleep) ... he missed it".

After Hester gave the details, people still weren't convinced that the kick had been tipped.

You can see the billboard on Route 295 at Exit 45.

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