Published: Sat, January 12, 2019
Worldwide | By Jermaine Blake

Macedonian Opposition Leader Urges Parl't Dissolution After Name Change Approval

Macedonian Opposition Leader Urges Parl't Dissolution After Name Change Approval

Macedonia's parliament has approved a constitutional amendment to change the country's name to the Republic of North Macedonia.

The governments of Macedonia and Greece both struggled to secure the political support required to ratify the agreement reached last June.

Greece has repeatedly blocked its neighbour's aspirations to join the European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation over the use of "Macedonia", which Athens says implies territorial claims over the Greek province of Macedonia and an appropriation of ancient Greek culture and civilization.

Greece has blocked the path to both global organisations since Macedonia broke away from the former Yugoslavia in 1991 because, it said, the name Macedonia should apply exclusively to its own northern province.

She said the European Union strongly supports the deal and will "fully support" Macedonia's goal of joining the EU.

A spokesperson for the governing Social Democrats said the ethnic Albanian lawmakers also agreed to back the deal.

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"A new historical chapter in our statehood has been written this evening", the Macedonian government said in a statement.

Macedonian lawmakers were convening later Friday to vote on the amendments, for which a super majority of two-thirds of the 120 members - or 80 votes - is required.

Zaev, who came to power in May 2017, is now looking to his Greek counterpart Alexis Tsipras to uphold his end of the deal, which the pair brokered a year ago.

Under the agreement, after Skopje cements the name change with constitutional amendments, Tsipras is to push the ratification of the agreement through the Greek parliament. Mickoski told reporters the constitutional changes were approved against the desires of the Macedonian people and described the vote as "an act of treason".

Further complicating matters, Greek coalition partner Defence Minister Panos Kammenos, the leader of a smaller party, opposes the deal and has threatened to resign. Representatives of the opposition conservative VMRO-DPMNE party, who said the agreement concedes too much to Greece, boycotted the vote.

In the latter capacity, he brokered a so-called interim deal whereby Greece dropped its embargo on Macedonia in exchange for the latter's modifying its flag, which included a symbol found in the grave of Philip II, ruler of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia and father of Alexander the Great.

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