Published: Sat, January 12, 2019
Money | By Ralph Mccoy

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Offered Residency by China

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Offered Residency by China

Tesla named Ellison, who's reportedly close friends with chief executive Elon Musk, to its board in December as part of a settlement with the SEC, which was created in part to enhance oversight at the company.

Musk met Li on Wednesday, the premier's first foreign affairs event of the year. "I love China very much and I am willing to come here more", Musk told him. Replying to a tweet in which one Twitter user jokingly implied that Tesla vehicles in the year 2022 will look something like a flying DeLorean auto from Back to the Future, Musk stated that "the new Roadster will actually do something like this".

China hopes Tesla will become a participant in China's deepening opening up and a driver for the stable development of Sino-U.S. ties, Li said.

Li then responded, "If you do, we can issue you a Chinese green card". Li replied: "If this is what you truly have in mind, we can give you a "Chinese green card"". In contrast, more than 1 million people were granted permanent residency in the U.S. during 2017.

Woman Suffers Rare Medical Condition Rendering her Unable to Hear Men's Voices
Xiaoqing is unsure, but believes it was brought on by stress and long days of working. She recalled feeling nauseous the night before and having ringing in her ears.

New series of fast radio bursts from deep space detected
CHIME is a fixed radio telescope that covers more area than a football field and passively scans the skies 24/7 as Earth rotates. The telescope has been in use for only a year, detecting 13 of the radio bursts nearly immediately, including the repeater.

Air traffic controllers sue Trump administration over government shutdown
For employees, the consequences are getting real as they're about to miss their first paycheck on Friday. TSA agents are on the lower end of the federal pay scale, earning between $36,000 and $43,000 annually.

At a ceremony at the site of the plant on the outskirts of Shanghai, Musk joined the city's mayor and other local government officials to formally begin construction of a factory.

Tesla broke ground on Monday in Shanghai on its first factory outside the United States.

In response to a Twitter user question whether the company was "moving away from battery sizing in a similar sense to how Model 3s are sold ie Long Range, Performance etc?" China's foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang also said that the results of the talks could "be beneficial for both China and the US and also a good news for the global economy".

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