Published: Sat, January 12, 2019
Medical | By Vicki Mclaughlin

Tim Cook: "Apple’s Greatest Contribution To Mankind Will Be "About Health"

Tim Cook:

CNBC shared some of the major points earlier today, but one of the more interesting parts that came out of the full interview was Cook's stance on how the iPhone XR - the company's other iPhone it launched late previous year alongside the iPhone XS and XS Max - is faring out there in the market. The world relies on a "strong USA and China for the world economy to be strong". Cook said that both the Watch and AirPods were popular. It appears as if Apple is gearing up to finally launch its streaming service by running trials with iTunes. Behind the company's line of products is a "culture of innovation" that satisfies the many wants and needs of the "incredible, loyal customers". Cook said, "You will see us announce new services this year". And so when I look at the long-term health of the company, it has never been better. The ecosystem has never been stronger.

In an interview with CNBC's Josh Lipton after the guidance cut, Cook said he believed that "trade tensions between the United States and China put additional pressure on [China's] economy".

So far, Apple has focused on software in the health world.

Cook is optimistic a resolution to the U.S. -China trade negotiations closed.

New series of fast radio bursts from deep space detected
CHIME is a fixed radio telescope that covers more area than a football field and passively scans the skies 24/7 as Earth rotates. The telescope has been in use for only a year, detecting 13 of the radio bursts nearly immediately, including the repeater.

Woman Suffers Rare Medical Condition Rendering her Unable to Hear Men's Voices
Xiaoqing is unsure, but believes it was brought on by stress and long days of working. She recalled feeling nauseous the night before and having ringing in her ears.

Ocasio-Cortez campaign fined for lapse in worker's compensation coverage
Kurt Schrader (D-OR) said. "The so-called champion of workers, when given her own responsibility, is not following the law". They both unseated a fellow Democrat and share Puerto Rican roots.

However, this TV service, or Apple Videos, is just one service, and Tim Cook was specific in using the plural.

Cook gave the interview at a time when Apple is facing intense scrutiny following its recent warning that iPhone sales during the holiday quarter were lower than previously expected, the first time in almost 17 years the company has made such an announcement.

Cook expressed a dedication to grow its business in India through producing iPhones in the country and opening new stores.

Apple and Qualcomm have been locked in a legal battle in which Apple has accused Qualcomm of engaging in illegal patent licensing practices to preserve a dominant market position in so called modem chips, which help mobile phones connect to wireless data networks. (NASDAQ: QCOM), which operates unlawfully by charging "exorbitant" prices.

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