Published: Sun, January 13, 2019
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National Football League playoffs Saturday guide

National Football League playoffs Saturday guide

A rematch of the 2013 playoffs when Andrew Luck led the Colts back from a 28-point deficit in the third quarter of the NFL Wild Card Round to a 45-44 victory over Kansas City.

There's still a tarp on the actual field in these videos, but you can already see the rain puddling up around the edges of the field and it's not hard to imagine the same thing happening on the field of play when the tarp comes off so teams can begin warming up for the game. However, I am slightly anxious about the snow that is in the forecast along with the freezing temperatures, but Luck can definitely make the push to be the highest scoring quarterback this weekend.

Just another MVP performance from the second-year wonder. Reason two, the Colts offensive line has done a spectacular job protecting Andrew Luck this season and kept him clean last weekend against a tough Texans defensive line.

The Chiefs don't have a great defense, so it's entirely possible this could turn into a shoot-out. While the bulk of the weather is likely to have passed by kickoff, there is potential for several inches of snow to fall ahead of the game, and it will be cold.

The Chiefs, who entered the game allowing 18 points a game at home, didn't allow a touchdown in their final regular-season game, a 35-3 win against the Oakland Raiders. Now the Eagles are in the hands of Nick Foles who rallied the team to their Super Bowl win a year ago.

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid gestures during the first half of an NFL football game against the Oakland Raiders in Kansas City Mo
The NFL Is Reportedly Concerned About The Chargers Potentially Hosting The AFC Title Game

What Dee Ford did on the Colts' first possession is why it can be great to kick off to start the game. This is a Dallas team that can shut down high-powered offenses like we saw them do against the Saints earlier this season, but the questions remain with their inconsistent offense.

The case could be made that Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott actually outplayed his counterpart on the Rams, Jared Goff. The temporary home of the Los Angeles Rams, who are hosting the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday. There's a chance the Chargers could host the AFC Championship game next week if they defeat the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts beat the Kansas City Chiefs. The Patriots finished the year winning their last two games, but do not let that fool you as their opponents were the lowly Bills and Jets at home. Kansas City can win a shootout, but they'll have to at least contain the Indianapolis offense long enough for their own players to get a leg up. Furthermore, the Patriots have been suspect on the defensive side of the ball at times this year and in the playoffs that is a key to success. They're 60 minutes away from Super Bowl 53. If they win the Super Bowl, that's how much each player would receive as a bonus. Philip Rivers and the Chargers find themselves in Foxboro, where Tom Brady and the Patriots will look to continue their dominance.

According to several reports, the league has had discussions about moving the game to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

This weekend is the divisional round for the National Football League playoffs.

After a brief swoon late in the season, the Saints' offense appeared to come back to life some against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the most recent game they've played at full strength without resting anyone. But this Philly team has changed a lot since then and they proved last weekend that even with all the injuries to their defense, they can still hold the opposition.

Browns pass on Colts' Matt Eberflus as new head coach
Most of Monken's career was spent at the collegiate level, save for 2007-2010, when he served as their wide receiver coach. It's pretty obvious that the Browns greatly valued the presence of Kitchens within the Browns locker room.

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Two of the animals have died after being struck by a auto and there are concerns others will starve to death. Although harp seals are generally not aggressive, they will defend themselves if humans get too close.

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Under Florida law, the governor can suspend elected officials for criminal activity, misfeasance, incompetence or neglect of duty. There, an exhausted Israel told anchor Jake Tapper: "I have given wonderful leadership to this agency".

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