Published: Mon, January 14, 2019
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'Game of Thrones' Final Season Premiere Date Revealed

'Game of Thrones' Final Season Premiere Date Revealed

The network held true to its promise and delivered on a proper look at what fans can look forward to in the season when it premieres on April 14th. And although the flagship series is ending, HBO has multiple projects set in the "Game of Thrones" universe now in development.

The final season video includes new footage, sort of.

They gaze upon the statues that will one day immortalise them, as they did their father Ned, mother Catelyn and aunt Lyanna, Jon's real mother.

The major source of excitement for fans will be seeing Jon and Arya reunited.

In the teaser, as Jon, Arya, and Sansa are staring at the statues, something makes them turn around. Jon and Arya are seen simultaneously pulling out their swords and showing that they are ready to fight against the White Walkers.

‘Game of Thrones’ Sets Official Date for Beginning of the End
Jon, Sansa and Arya meet at the end of the crypt, where they come face to face with statues of their own. The new season is said to feature six episodes, each running as high as 90 minutes long.

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Another prominent part of the teaser the the feather in front of Lyanna's crypt.

The feather was on the floor when Sansa visited the crypts, but she put it back in the statue's hand, right were Robert had left it. There will only be six episodes in the final season, one less than previous seasons. But rumours have it that each episode will run an hour and half long.

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During the Golden Globes, HBO also released a sizzle reel for its 2019 programming, including a very brief scene where Sansa meets Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke).

The 1 minute 28 second clip trails the fantasy epic's eighth and last series, which hits screens on April 14.

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