Published: Fri, January 18, 2019
Worldwide | By Jermaine Blake

Trump Announces Expansion Of U.S. Missile Defense

Trump Announces Expansion Of U.S. Missile Defense

Undertaken at the direction of the White House, the missile defense review was supposed to be released almost a year ago, but the Pentagon spent months rewriting it to address regional missile threats in addition to those posed by rogue nations.

President Trump on Thursday offered his "deepest condolences" to the families of four Americans killed in Syria in a suicide explosion claimed by the Islamic State, an attack that came less than a month after he declared the militants defeated and ordered 2,000 US troops in the country to be withdrawn. "I will accept nothing less for our nation than the most effective, cutting edge missile systems", Trump said. Advances in materials, computation and rocketry have all made missile defense cheaper than ever, he says. The report notes that if deterrence and diplomacy fail and a conflict begins, the United States will target an adversary's missiles even before they are launched.

"We are going to be with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation 100 percent, but [other countries] are going to have to step up [and pay for defense]", he said.

China is also seeking the technology, with the US Defense Intelligence Agency publishing a report Tuesday saying China's military "is developing a range of technologies to counter US and other countries' ballistic missile defense systems", including maneuverable re-entry vehicles, decoys and hypersonic glide vehicles.

Overall, it remains unclear how much of Trump's missile defense strategy will become a reality. Now that's changing. We're helping and we're able to spend money on technology and new defense, and far beyond defense systems. The U.S. military is now testing the possibility that the F-35 fighter jet, which has a state-of-the-art sensor system that can track boosting missiles, could be equipped with an interceptor capable of shooting down an adversary's ballistic missile in its boost phase-as it is launching.

Trump mentioned increased threats from hypersonic and cruise missiles with upgraded abilities that Washington needs to counter. "China is also developing increasingly sophisticated ballistic missile warheads and hypersonic glide vehicles in an attempt to counter ballistic missile defence systems".

Shanahan said before Trump that competitors such as Russian Federation and China were pursuing new missiles that are "harder to see, harder to track, and harder to defeat".

"T$3 he United States should pursue wide-ranging dialogues with Russian Federation and China on strategic stability, including the impact of missile defense, and forswear particularly destabilizing steps, such as pursuing space-based interceptors", the ACA said in the paper that was published on Thursday.

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The Trump administration is unveiling its new strategy to protect the US and it allies from missile threats.

The Republican leader introduced in his fourth point the "space-based missile defense layer". It's a system that will be expanded here in Alaska, but the added budget includes studies to tackle space, which Trump called "a new warfighting domain".

President Donald Trump, joined by Vice President Mike Pence, was scheduled to announce the new strategy from the Pentagon on Thursday morning.

In some ways, the review fell short of expectations.

Current US missile defence weapons are based on land and aboard ships. The Pentagon has been mulling a third site closer to the East Coast. Dan Sullivan told reporters he had been expecting.

Congress must still approve the initiative for it to receive the funding it needs. These will be capable of shielding every city in the United States, Trump said. "We want to outpace them". "Second, we must avoid missile defense policies that will fuel a nuclear arms race".

More broadly, Griffin said he believes the space-based layer is going to be "very affordable".

Trump also announced that the United States would deploy 20 new missile interceptors in Alaska as part of a new missile-defense strategy.

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