Published: Tue, January 29, 2019
Science | By Michele Flores

Trump tweets on ‘global warming’ during severe winter storm

Trump tweets on ‘global warming’ during severe winter storm

The Midwestern United States is now enduring life-threatening cold temperatures-which these days all but ensures, as so many climate reporters and experts anticipated, an ignorant and even infuriating tweet from President Donald Trump conflating weather and climate.

Citing the awful cold that has gripped the Midwest, Trump taunted the phenomenon of global warming asking it to "come back fast" in his tweet. "People can't last outside even for minutes".

The public seems to be accepting the scientific view over Trump's. Trump tweeted on Monday night. As he noted, "Trump's climate-trolling is such obvious outrage bait that you nearly want to ignore it, but it's also self-provided evidence of one of the most significant ignorance crises of his presidency, so I dunno".

Trump's tweets assume significance in light of his non-committal attitude when it comes to global warming. Or, to use an analogy Trump might appreciate, weather is how much money you have in your pocket today, whereas climate is your net worth.

"This leads to more extreme weather both hot and COLD!"

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"Greenhouse gas concentrations are once again at record levels and if the current trend continues we may see temperature increases of from 5.4 to 9 degrees by the end of the century", he said in a statement made approximately one week from Trump's November tweet pondering where - given a few days of cold - global warming had gone.

"It wasn't even that long ago when Trump claimed that climate change didn't exist because it was cold outside in Washington, DC".

The fact we are seeing record cold does not contradict climate research.

In response to his tweet, several users mocked the president for his incorrect words and misunderstanding of climate change versus weather.

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