Published: Sun, February 03, 2019
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Where to Dance on a Sundial for Fornite Week 9 — Sundial Fortnite

Where to Dance on a Sundial for Fornite Week 9 — Sundial Fortnite

An oversized cup of coffee can be on the sign found at Dusty Diner, just outside of the Dusty Divot point of interest.

Land on top of the giant metal dog head in Fortnite, get dancing, and this week 9 challenge is complete. If you know the map well, this shouldn't be terribly hard, but if you need help finding these spots, we're here to offer some assistance with a map. Due to the spacing between each object players will likely have to complete the Challenge over a span of multiple games. For this one, you're going to want to head to the entrance of Junk Junction.

So, the three landmarks you need to find are a sundial, an oversized cup of coffee, and a giant metal dog head. Drop in on those marked locations to get that Battle Star.

The first stage of the challenge requires you to dance on a sundial and as one of the locations you probably seldom land at after dropping from the Battle Bus, it's possible you might not know where to head.

If you're still a little hazy as to where you need to land and subsequently dance.

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As one of the most prominent landing locations on the map, you'll have no doubt spotted this in your past games.

Right we've tried to break this down into the three parts you need to complete. A lot of people will probably head to Frosty Flights to grab planes, so if you want to fly in under the radar (if you will) you could hit up one of the many Exhibition Outposts (red tent buildings), which often have planes nearby. You're looking for a pole leaning over a pile of cars.

For your second dance location, make your way to the north side of Dusty Divot and aim for the vehicle park of the Dusty Diner in grid F5. The dog head is attached to a magnet on a crane, and it's holding a big metal bone. You only need to eliminate 3 players, so it shouldn't take you too long. The giant metal dog head can be found in Junk Junction as seen below.

This guide is going to show exactly where you're going to find the Sundial, Coffee Cup, and Dog Head in Fortnite.

AND THAT'S IT - Week 9 Challenge complete (we hope).

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