Published: Tue, February 05, 2019
Technology | By Lionel Gonzales

Google bans slew of malicious Android photo and beauty apps

Google bans slew of malicious Android photo and beauty apps

Google has announced two new apps the company developed to help make audio more accessible for everyone.

Sound Amplifier is available on the Play Store and supports Android 9 Pie, and comes pre-installed on Pixel 3.

He has been working on the speech recognition and communications technology from the past 30 years and from his work, Dimitri who is deaf from his early childhood helped in increasing the accessibility of the technology that he relies on and one among it is CART.

Gnegy saw some of the challenges Kanevsky faced with the system - such as carrying multiple devices, expense and the need for significant prep before use.

Now talking about the applications, the Live Transcribe app will be taking the real-world speech and turns it into real-time captions with the help of the microphone of the phone.

Live Transcribe already works with a whopping 70 spoken languages, and you can select a second language in the app's settings.

The app gives people who are deaf or hard of hearing, Google says, greater independence in their everyday interactions.

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Google partnered with Gallaudet University, a university for deaf and hard-of-hearing people based in Washington, to develop Live Transcribe.

The apps used different methods to prevent people discovering their malicious activities, including compression archives (packers) that made them hard to analyze, and remote servers that were "encoded with BASE64 twice in the code". The Live Transcribe app is a transcription tool for people with severe hearing impairment, whereas the Sound Amplifier app enhances the volume and clarity of sound and is aimed at people with partial hearing impairment. To use Live Transcribe, enable it in Accessibility Settings, then start Live Transcribe from the accessibility button on the navigation bar.

In fact, Google has deleted 29 malicious "beauty camera" apps that were sharing pornographic content and forwarding users to phishing websites to steal their information, IANS reported.

You can sign-up for the beta here.

You can also use it for two-way conversations if you can't or don't want to speak using a "type-back keyboard" within the app.

Google has announced that it's bringing Android users two new apps, Sound Amplifier and Live Transcribe, which are created to "make life a little easier" for those with hearing loss.

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