Published: Thu, February 07, 2019
Culture&Arts | By Dora Pope

Hugh Jackman reignites online 'feud' with Ryan Reynolds in brutally honest video

We could go on for days about their back-and-forth, but what really matters here is that they're (halfway) trying to put their sordid history of attack ads upon each other behind them. The commercial ended. The whole advertisement was quite complimentary to Hugh - and apparently, the older actor was shocked. We'll see how the Deadpool star follows up. However, it would appear that one of the actors took their job a little more seriously than the other and fans will hopefully get the see the fallout on social media.

A-list hotties Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have been throwing jabs, taking shots and trying to one-up each other on Twitter for a very long time.

But the bad blood boiled again in a new commercial they collaborated on for their respective brands: Aviation American Gin for Reynolds, 42, and Laughing Man Coffee Company for Jackman, 50.

"Um, I'm not quite ready to show mine yet", an uncomfortable Jackman tells Reynolds, making excuses for his spot before the Canadian actor makes him roll it anyway. "'Cause Laughing Man beans are born with a special power".

"It cost a million dollars", Reynolds adds.

"And "Hugh" could be behind such a Hugh-roic company?"

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The "Logan" star's Aviation Gin ad opens with a suit-wearing Jackman seated on a leather couch, a bottle of the company's gin in front of him.

So on February 6, (February 7 AEDT), they released a joint video unveiling their new projects and watched them together, for the first time.

'Ryan Reynolds is a complete and total f***ing a******. the gin is pretty great though, I'll have to try it someday, ' the Greatest Showman star said, before tipping over the bottle with the booze spilling out.

The Aussie star then tips the bottle of gin over, letting it spill out onto the table, never tasting a drop and clearly not putting almost as much effort into this whole thing as his Canadian counterpart did.

Jackman's one line says it all " Sorry man, I didn't think the truce was actually real".

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