Published: Thu, February 07, 2019
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Lily Allen dedicates 'F*** You' song to Liam Neeson

Lily Allen dedicates 'F*** You' song to Liam Neeson

With him was his co-star Tom Bateman.

As previously reported, Neeson told a United Kingdom newspaper that decades ago he walked the streets with a "cosh" multiple times, hoping any black person would start trouble with him. He said Tuesday (Wednesday AEDT) the topic came up because the interviewer asked him about how he tapped into the feelings of revenge that he displays in Cold Pursuit, which tells the story of a father who seeks violent revenge for his son's death.

"I have never had a second in my life where I wanted to go out on the streets looking for a random black man to kill". You thought the scene was hot. "Why does he flip a switch?"

The Independent said Neeson put air quotes around the term "black bastard". "This was almost 40 years ago".

It would be Michallon's last question in the junket. I love how he showed Black women love for showing up for him after he accused Adam Venit of groping him at an event back in 2017.

Another quipped: "You can literally hear Liam Neeson evaporating from all the upcoming Men in Black International marketing".

She contacted civil rights organizations and London psychology professor Dr. Lasana Harris to ask about racially motivated crime.

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"I remembered an incident almost 40 years ago, where a very dear friend of mine was brutally raped", Neeson said during an appearance on Good Morning America.

"Dr. Harris explained how our pre-existing biases shape our view of the world". I'll tell you a story.

Neeson appeared on "GMA" Tuesday morning to set the record straight that he's "not a racist" after an interview with The Independent earlier this week. "Many have rightfully pointed out the cynicism of seeing a white person praised for publicly admitting to having harbored the desire to commit a racist murder".

Ronn Torossian, a "crisis management mogul" with New York-based PR firm 5W Public Relations, believes Neeson can still "save his image" provided he gives further displays of contrition. "That is not my call to make", she said. He's letting those movie roles go to his head.

Organizers of the NY premiere of Cold Pursuit informed journalists that interviews and photo opportunities had been cancelled on Tuesday afternoon, a couple hours before the event was supposed to start.

Neeson was one of the first to arrive the the swanky after party at The Skylark.

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