Published: Fri, February 08, 2019
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Disney+ takes first swipe at Netflix with Captain Marvel exclusive

Disney+ takes first swipe at Netflix with Captain Marvel exclusive

"We're good at making movies and television shows and theme parks and cruise ships and the like, we've just never managed to demonstrate much skill on the publishing side of games", CEO Bob Iger said when asked about Disney potentially dipping into video games once more. "Many are the same innovators driving the prolific success of Disney, Pixar, Lucasfilm, and Marvel". The show will be written by Ilana Peña of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fame, starring Jane the Virgin's Gina Rodriguez. Rolling some of Fox's edgier, R-rated content into the Disney fold shouldn't be a problem, he reportedly told investors - so long as audiences are duly prepared for what he might say. This will be followed by the company utilising Fox assets once the deal has been finalised, which is set to bolster Marvel properties and introduce a wealth of adult-focused animation to the roster.

We are awaiting confirmation on Disney's plans for other countries. They haven't yet announced a launch date for the streaming service.

Crown calls for consecutive life sentences for serial killer Bruce McArthur
Cantlon said McArthur has shown some remorse by waiving his right to a preliminary hearing and pleading guilty to the charges. Numerous victims' families and friends wept in court as Cantlon went through each of the murders.

U.K. police confirm Argentine soccer player's body recovered from plane wreckage
Tributes will no doubt be made again this weekend in the Premier League after the identification of Sala's body. Referee Frank Schneider stopped play in the Ligue 1 match against St Etienne for a minute of applause.

Universal DH, 3-batter minimum for pitchers among proposed rule changes
A rule that would permit two-sport athletes, such as Kyler Murray, to sign major league contracts as enticement to play baseball. Of all the proposed changes, the universal DH arguably would be the most significant to the game on the field.

Iger also noted that Disney will make a concerted effort to market any future Deadpool films and other R-rated movies under the Disney and Marvel banners in a very particular way. "We'll continue to look at opportunities that we think we can leverage because there is a potential consumer demand for it". It could, particularly if Disney aims to maintain everything the leather-clad anti-hero is known for - the meta humor, the fourth-wall-breaking, the many jokes involving human anatomy - in his own movie series while still preserving the existing tone of the MCU that's mostly straightforward and a lot less silly in comparison.

Disney's betting big on Captain Marvel, not only in theaters, but as it prepares to launch its new streaming service. However, he said, there could be room for discounts for people who wanted to sign up for multiple services and Disney's ultimate goal was to have all its streaming services use the same technology platform.

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