Published: Wed, February 13, 2019
Technology | By Lionel Gonzales

Reasons Why Apex Legends Might Be The New Fortnite

Reasons Why Apex Legends Might Be The New Fortnite

In the Chinese market, for example, the American (Xbox) and Japanese (PlayStation) consoles are not widespread and to win this market share you must aim at the PC or mobile market.

EA announced this week that Apex Legends, which came out on February 4 has more than 25 million players and had "well over 2 million concurrent players at our peak" in its first weekend.

Apex Legends has now reached 25 million registered players, with Respawn's free to play shooter is already breaking Fortnite records in its ascension to the top of the battle royale food chain.

It remains to be seen what Respawn has in store for Apex Legends moving forward, but its rapid growth certainly hasn't showed any signs of slowing just yet.

Would you like to play Apex Legends on your smartphone or tablet?

In the space of a week the EA and Respawn game has already passed the 25million player milestone.

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Sadly, Wilson did not indicate when Apex Legends might make the leap to mobile.

There are rumours that ranked play could be coming to Apex Legends while the season 1 Battle Pass launch is just around the corner.

Gamer World News Entertainment host Tian Wang on the impact of Fortnite on the video game sector and even the entertainment industry.

And as fans wait for news on Apex Legends PS4 crossplay, Sony America boss Shawn Layden has given an update on cross-platform support.

There's no telling when this will happen but if the company wants to capitalise on the success and push it further it will no doubt be sooner rather than later.

In games like Overwatch and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, players take on the role of specific characters who each have their own personalities, voices, backstories, and abilities. While the player count is nothing short of impressive, there are also plans of introducing a mobile version of the hit game in the foreseeable future. It looks as though the developers have been working on that, mulling over the idea of Solo and Duo modes that allow players to play alone or partner with one other person.

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